I’m so inspired after reading some weight loss story from Ripandeep and Srivani, so let me share mine 🙂 this is about a journey to live a healthier lifestyle. The name mentioned here just changed for privacy matters.

Two years ago, I got messages from my friends. “What happened to Adit? Do you know he’s in a coma?”

I was so shocked. I haven’t met him in several months, since he moved to a different town. It’s not only one friend who reached out to me, but about three or four. Turns out, he got an asthma attack and fainted. The doctor said he got very bad asthma because he was obese, where the lung was pressed by his weight. He suffered from a coma for a week.

No, I don’t mean body shaming. He was weighted 160kg for an approx 170cm tall, so it’s pretty obvious why the doctor said that. For several days, I just wait and exchange texts with my friends who take care of him. Thankfully, he recovered and went to a nutritionist.

That moment was an eye-opener for me. From that moment, I made a pact for myself. That I need to live a healthy lifestyle. I don’t want to end up dying because of poor lifestyle choices. No, it’s not about the overweight issue. Because I also hear a frightening story from a different person who was not overweight. There was a senior associate in my prior office who was collapsed in front of his laptop. Without any notice, he died. He was dead in front of his laptop, just a few desks away from mine. That was so frightening!

Turns out, he got a heart attack, drink too much coffee and red bull, and work overtime. In a way, he did that because he had no choice. And it was so unfortunate for him and his family, where the office only gives them a one-time salary for severance pay. Knowing this, several months later I resigned from that office. With a GERD… Oh, geez.

I want to relieve myself of the stressful moment at work after I resigned. Then I traveled to Bali with my partner for a week. That moment was so healing.

During the vacation, at one time my partner ordered a dragon fruit smoothie. The smoothie was delicious! It was bliss amid hot and sunny weather on the beach. Then, I realized one thing. Looks like I can make this every day. Only a portion of dragon fruit, banana, and a cup of granola. It’s so easy, right? How come I did not realize this before? Why did I need to fly away to Bali to realize that making dragon fruit smoothies is so easy?

So, after the trip, I make a dragon fruit and banana smoothie as my breakfast. And yes, it is so easy! The habit continued until now. It has been my 3rd year of eating banana and dragon fruit as breakfast. Most of the time, I just chop them right away and sprinkle some granolas. It’s easier than blending a smoothie. And it makes the stomach fuller 🙂 Then, I notice something better.

My GERD healed! I didn’t remember how many months eating banana needed to heal it, but it just happened. Previously, I went to doctor after doctor and they only prescribed me lansoprazole. But it didn’t work well for me, as the acid reflux came again when the medicine is out. What works well is to eat healthy food every day. For the past 2 years, I haven’t had any serious symptoms of acid reflux again.

In conclusion, living a healthy lifestyle is not hard. Just one fruit every day is enough! It’s about maintaining a healthy habit. One small thing we do every day will compound.

Well, that’s my story! Maybe you have another easy way to live healthier. Stay safe and healthy 🙂