A Smile to Stay 🙂

I met a stranger in a market section

We walked a while in same direction

Both so weary, both so lonesome ..

No curiosity to know the other in wholesome

Didn’t we want something to convey

All I know is I can’t say…


Just then I passed a friendly glance

He slightly smiled on the chance

Still as unknown we walked together

Sharing and bearing the cozy weather

Was it just to pass the way

All I know is I can’t say…


He talked first…

And few stories did burst…

I was amused but didn’t show much

Our conversation geared as such

What really we talked throughout the day

All I know is I can’t say…


He was handsome, I looked pretty

Few passers-by did turn to see

Few eyebrows were raised

Few nods that praised

How keen people were to weigh

All I know is I can’t say…


A little fantasy…

Or a sweet fallacy

Precious moments of care

Memories of few things to share

Why should we frame them all to portray

All I know is I can’t say…


All roads don’t reach the destiny

All emotions don’t need anatomy

A day well spent, just let it be

Let those weary knots get free

That day is over, but a smile would stay

Is there something left, hey! I can’t say… 🙂