Hey!!!! I am going to tell you a story about a cow, lion and the lion’s ego. I think you have heard this story from your grandmother, grandfather or from your dad or mom. I learnt it from my mother. I thought I should tell you about this story and moral of the story what I learnt from it.

There was a village man named Ramesh who owns a cow and he takes his cow to nearby grazing land to eat grass. One day, Cow while grazing crossed the boundary of the safe land and entered into jungle full of wild animals like tigers and lions. Cow was carelessly munching on the grasses while Ramesh was not aware and not tending to her. Eyes of big Lion fall on Cow and got delighted to have Cow as a treat for the day. The lion was coming slowly and slowly near the cow. As Cow saw the lion and she got fearful and started running to save herself. Cow reached the point where there is river full of muddy water and running in it would be difficult. But Cow knows within that if I got Struck in between, by the time my owner will come and save me. So, cow jumped in the river and following the cow the lion also jumped in the river because water was less and muddy area was very vast. Both of them stuck in the muddy area. They could not walk as it is thick and muddy water. After sometime both of them started submerging in the river. The cow asked lion who is your owner. He said I am the King of the Jungle no one can be my owner. Cow said that my owner will come and save me. Who will save you? Lion said I am the king. King of Jungle, everyone will come to save me.

As the time passes the owner of the cow came and bring out the cow from the muddy area. But no one saved the lion because everyone knows if we bring out the Lion, he will kill us and eat. So, no one saved the lion, the animals also did not save the Lion because they have fear that if we save him, the lion will kill and then will eat us. Therefore, lion lost his life and died. This ego, rudeness of lion and pride in his Power and strength killed the lion himself. And the faith of Cow in his owner and her decision saved her life and paved a beginning of new life.

So, we should not adopt rude behaviour in front of anyone because it can hurt someone’s heart. If we have hand of God, Guru and our family members we will not be trapped in any trouble. Similarly, while in journey if ever get struck in world’s muddy area like Cow, take a deep breath and have faith in God, Guru and our family members, they will bring us out of any type of situation and lead us to new life.

What do you think about it??

     Jai Sri Hari🙏🙏

Keep Smiling😊😊