What a beautiful day today!!! 


Today is Gurudeva’s birthday!

Today is Rasa Purnima!


It is believed that LORD KRISHNA had performed HIS rasa-leela or the play of HIS divine love with HIS gopis, in this very day. 


We are YOUR gopis Gurudeva!


Here I am sharing a song which I had recorded and edited earlier. I don’t know how to play synthesiser but who cares! And why care!


It is for YOU dear Gurudeva!

Happy Birthday to You!




This song was originally written and composed by Swami Vivekanand for his beloved master Sri Ramakrishna.


A Translation by Swami Shantananda Puri Maharaj


From this sea of worldly turbulence You are instrumental in rescuing the helpless

You are the son of the light who tears apart the worldly ties

We are the servants who seek your refuge with hearts palpitating with fear

Oh Master! please take mercy on this helpless man



You are the sun who lights the dark cave of my heart

You are Lord Vishnu (Narayana), Lord Prajapati (Brahma) and Lord Shankara (Shiva)

The scriptures(Vedas) proclaim you as the ‘Parabrahman’ (the formless ultimate reality)who transcends even the greatest.

Oh Master! Please show mercy on this helpless man



You are the goad which controls the elephant of my mind

You are the God who protects
men and provides the eyes for them.

The Devas are always engaged in singing your praise

Oh Master! please take mercy on this helpless man



Only you can awake the serpent power of the Lord called Kundalini

And you can tear asunder the knots in our hearts 

My mind is wavering all the time, night and day

Oh Master! please show mercy on this helpless man



You are the destroyer of enemies and the hero of all beneficial actions

You bestow on us only peace, happiness, fearlessness and all boons Chanting of your
glories and your name takes away all the three types of suffering namely:

(1)Personal, that is, where we are ourselves responsible for the misery for example, overeating

(2) Inter-personal, that is, where some other person or being is responsible, for example,
being bitten by a serpent, and

(3) Acts of God like earthquake etc.
And your name takes away all the three types of suffering]

Oh Master! please show mercy on this helpless man



You destroy the consequences of ego and You are the protector of the people who are directionless

My mind is always full of doubts and easily deprived of the great wealth of devotion to the Lord

Oh Master, please show mercy on this helpless man



Your name always causes beneficial events

And you sanctify the wretched and fallen men

Your greatness is known much later in life when our own minds become pure through sadhana

Oh Master! please show mercy on this helpless man



Victory to you, the great Master who helps us to reach the great Lord.

You destroy all the modifications caused by the disease of the cycle of birth and death in the phenomenal world

Let my mind be always glued to your Holy feet

Oh Master! please show mercy on this helpless man.


* picture taken from omswami.org

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