About This Poem: This Poem celebrates the ecstasy of being in love. The joy, the deep oneness, the state of heart in true love is something that is almost divine. This is the most beautiful feeling a heart can know.


🍁 A Song of Love


Love, was when I loved You

One true time I hold You

Nothing can now move us apart…


Didn’t imagine, we’ll go this far

Beyond time, beyond space, like two wandering stars

Lost in each other’s embrace…


Such ecstasy, dripping within us

Our bodies seemed to dance

Flying in unknown skies…


Heartbeats became the music

Lips chanted lyrics

We were writing the melody of Love.


Love, when blossomed in our hearts

Its fragrance, like some mystic arts

Enchanted us in its magic spell…


Time will not cast its shadow now

Timeless, the feeling somehow

It’s safe now, in our bosoms…


Everything may change, as it will

Except these moments which defiantly kill

The vanities of time, the limits of rhyme


Henceforth, My Love 

Only Love I know

Only You I follow…


Thank You for reading. With Love, Alok 🍁

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