June 2020

I received a message on Whatsapp. It was from a guy let’s named him Mr. ‘G’ who was a hotel staff in a small town of Rajasthan. I meet him once during my stay in that hotel near about two years back.

Mr. ‘G’- For the three months, I am not going to the hotel. I am at home.

I – Everybody is at home. Almost the whole world!

Mr. ‘G’- I do not know what will happen next because the hotel business is closed due to corona. I am upset.

I – Do not worry. Most probably, corona medicine will come in the market by July end or August. After that, everything will be fine.

I tried to soothe him.

Mr. ‘G’- Today, Locust attacked my fields for the third time. They are active in our district.

I – You can shoo them away by burning dry leaves, by burning crackers, by beating utensils, by clapping or by playing loud music. Moreover, the Rajasthan Government is giving compensation for crops damaged by locusts. You can contact Patwari (Land revenue officer) of your village.

Mr. ‘G’- We shooed them away. But they are visiting our fields again and again.

I – Next time, if they came, then catch them at night. Grind them in a mixer and sell that paste to a nearby poultry farm. They will give you good money.

I suggested not only humorous but also monetary gain ideas to cheer up his mood.

Mr. ‘G’- Ohh! Good idea! :). But I am anxious about how to meet my daily expenses.

I – Take up a local job to meet current expenses like organic farming, vegetable selling, handicraft making, carpentry, pottery making, puppets making, block-printing, embroidery, mirror work, etc.

Mr. ‘G’- Here everything has come to a standstill, as it is a small town.

I recalled that every nook and corner of the town had hotels from budgeted hotels to luxurious hotels, from mud huts to glamping tents from suburbs to resorts. However, one thing was common in them that their names had ‘bagh’ either as first, middle, or last word, maybe to give an assurance to the customers that if they stayed in this hotel, they would be able to have a glimpse of a tiger.

I – I can understand as the hotel industry is one of the worst-hit businesses.

Mr. ‘G’- I have a small farmhouse. I wish to start dairy on a small scale. I have two cows. I want to buy a buffalo, but it doesn’t fit in my budget.

He didn’t pick up the options suggested by me but picked up one according to his knowledge and skills. One step towards becoming an entrepreneur!

I – A buffalo will cost around one lakh or even more. You can take a loan. Do you have Kisan Credit Card?

Mr. ‘G’- No.

I – Get one. You can take a loan of 2-3 lakhs on a meager rate of interest of 2-3% by mortgaging your land to any authorized bank. Kisan Credit Card is a not so new scheme launched by the Government to give instant loan to farmers for buying seeds, manure, fertilizers, insecticides, agricultural equipments and to do other agricultural related work.

Mr. ‘G’- I will try.

In my area, some greedy farmers had taken a loan from Kisan Credit Card, and had invested that money in fixed deposits at a higher rate of interest of 7-8% in other banks and were making a good profit from the difference in the rate of interest.

After a week,

Mr. ‘G’- I have selected a good breed buffalo, and I am interested in buying that, but I am not able to arrange funds. I am tensed.

I – I told you about Kisan Credit Card.

Mr. ‘G’- The land is my father’s name, and I have discussed it with him. The process will take time. I need money urgently.

I – You can take personal loans from the banks in which you have an account.

After one hour,

Mr. ‘G’- I talked with a bank employee, and I have filled the form. Let’s see when it will be passed.

I was amazed to see this message as it was Sunday evening, and almost all the banks were closed. Maybe he had applied for a loan online. I appreciated him that he had a risk-taking ability and had the quality to overcome obstacle(s) to achieve a goal.

After two days, the message flashed.

Mr. ‘G’ – Congratulations, Madam. I bought a buffalo and a calf yesterday. Now I will be able to do a dairy business.

I – Best wishes for your business! May it prosper and grow!

Mr. ‘G’ – Thankyou very much, Madam. I need your blessings.

We all have potentials sometimes just needed a little push!

Pic: He send this pic to me.

P.S. Please don’t forget to tell me who you find more beautiful – buffalo or the necklace she is wearing? 😉