Om Mitraya Namah 

Today is a beautiful day. Sun is shining bright after a spell of heavy monsoons and rainy mornings. Shine after the rain is a warm feeling.  I finished my morning routines and meditation by 7 am. Birds were chirping away and the little spidy managed to weave a web at its normal spot once again. The delicate silver artwork shined in bright light. Cool breeze from the hills  was so inviting I couldn’t resist my urge to go for a nature walk on the hills.

I took out my olive tote bag and stuffed it with a raincoat ( in case it rained ) mobile, specs ,diary and a pen and headed towards the hill on my new e-bike. I love my electric bike , it is so silent and eco-friendly.  I parked near the big gate leading to the walking trails of the hills. The watchman greeted me with a smile and wave from his cottage.

The walking trails were dry today. Trees , shrubs and bamboo trees gleamed in dew and sunlight. The pumpkin creepers were having many yellow flowers. I had to control my urge to pluck some of them for a pumpkin flower bajji and of course, shoot the platter for my food posts. But that is not today’s plan. I started the small climb .

I saw a small group of teenagers kneeling down on the rough ground and a tall stout man standing near them holding a long cane. It was not a pleasant sight as I imagined some torture happening there. I wanted to turn back. But my steps were going forward. I consoled myself, they are undergoing a rough training for some future! So long as they are okay with it I need not bother .

 I avoided the small group of training athletes and went forward.  The green carpet of  ‘’Kashi Tumba  with enticing white small flowers ‘’ ( Lecas Aspera ) covered the slope. . The very best of cooked rice is compared to Tumba flowers in my native place. The sight of precious Thumba flowers made me so happy.  Yes, Onam is round the corner !

Thumba flowers indicated the change of season and the arrival of Onam festival. The festival of abundance. This day the exiled demon king Mahabali is supposed to be vising his people , to check if they are living in happiness , abundance and truth.  Mahabali’s rule was touted by folklore as an era where there was not an iota untruth and treachery exited  among the people. People of Kerala still prepare for the visit of their beloved King Mahabali ,with week long celebrations , food and festivities.  This is the season when hearts are filled with abundance, hope and happiness.

I climbed up a little further and sat on my favorite rock.  A wildlife Photographer walked past me with his camera.The breeze is sweet and refreshing. I kept my bag down , took out my diary and pen and started writing…

I have to submit a post today on osme on a topic of the best life I can imagine.