A week back something happened which has brought up so many questions in my life. I would love to get a feedback .

18th November- In the evening I was walking in back garden when I suddenly heard a kitten crying piteously. By the time I could find where it was coming from, the damage had been done. One cat had given birth to 2 kittens in our backyard. Every morning she took her kitties to sit in the sun. She would feed them and then disappear. She would haughtily pass by me if I was walking there :). We were coexisting peacefully. The reason for the kitty crying was that a tomcat had got 1 kitten by the neck and was trying to kill her. He went for the jugular hoping to end the process fast. I quickly threw stones at it and it ran away. I stood guard and watched the kitten. She was bleeding. I couldn’t bear to hear her cries of pain. I called my son who is an animal lover. He called up his friend to find out how to help the kitten. We were advised to stay away because if we picked up the kitten and got it inside, the mother would abandon her. It was getting cold so we covered her with a thick cloth hoping for the best. But 1 thing kept upsetting me— had I done the right thing of trying to save her? Now she was in terrible pain. And I was responsible for that. When I asked other family members, the answers were as follows— “This is the food chain. Survival of the fittest is the rule in the animal kingdom. You shouldn’t have interfered. ‘Jeeya ka adhaar Jee’ ”—meaning that one species is the food source for other species. I was very upset and really  wished I could message Swami ji and ask him, “Did I do something wrong in an attempt to save the kitten?” Have I made more karmas as the kitten was suffering.

19 November —Today was Guru Nanak Dev ji’s gurpurab. Prashaad was made and there was a general feeling of joy in the house. But my son and I were feeling miserable. The whole night the kitten was in the same place— her mother hadn’t taken her. Maybe she knew the kitten wouldn’t  survive. Finally my son couldn’t take it anymore. He picked her up and put her in the sun. We put lots of turmeric on the wound. We gave her milk to drink but she was too weak to lift her injured neck. Finally my husband stepped in and said stop being morose. “If she is meant to survive- she will”. We went to the Gurudwara and sat for some time listening to the kirtan but my mind was in the kitten. On the way back my son told me,“ I know we are supposed to pray that we learn to accept God’s will. But ma I kept asking God to save the kitten”. We came back to find the kitten half dead still lying where we had left her. Even her meowing had become weak. We picked her up and put her in a shoebox near the hideout of the mother which we learnt about,thanks to the other kitten who kept running in and out of it every time he saw us. Covered her and that day I prayed, “ God if she is meant to die, please take her soon. I can’t see her suffering any more.”

I am not sure if I did the right thing that day by saving the kitty. Please guide. I am sure there are lot of souls here in this group who are more knowledgeable than me. 
To be continued…… If you want to know what happened to the kitty. 🙂