Jai Shri Radhey Shyam!

Jai Shri Hari!

I offer my obeisance to the divine in you.

If I’m not able to thank the parents of this body, in thanking the words become insufficient, then how I’ll thank Shri Hari, who is the ocean of love, ocean of divinity. But I’ll share a recent incident with you, although there are so many incidents but I’ll not share everyone, but this one I’m gonna share. I’m dependent on my parents till the date (I think that’s a wrong statement but let’s say), butΒ  by the grace of Hari I got my Gurudev in 2020 and I promised Hari I’ll come once a year to Vindavan to have my Gurudev’s darshan. But some how I’m not able to go there, for now I’ll say money may be the reason. In actual my parents are not like that they’ll not give me money, but they are not giving money to me because they are afraid if I went to Vrindavan I’m gonna become a Saint. Having a single child and suppose he’ll become a saint where will we go is the fear they are having. I’m tired of telling them I’m not gonna become a Saint because I can’t live that life, please allow me to go to Vindavan for few days only, but nothing is working. I don’t know till the last week that at os.me we can earn. Here I’m getting money so now I don’t need to ask Mumma Papa for money. I asked Hari will you please help me then this happened, I’m blessed by Hari…. Now I’m gonna save money and in March I’m planning to visit my Gurudev’s place….. O Hari! how kind you are….

A Short Story:

What this incidents reminds me is the story of a small child Dhruv a 5 year old child who meditated for 6 months and got darshans of Shri Hari…

When Dhruv was a child then he had a desire to sit in the lap of his father who was the king at that time but the king loves one queen more and so he usually love that queen’s child only and Dhruv was the son of other queen. Although she was the queen but she and her son Balak Dhruv was treated like a servant. King gives them half kg flour in that only they cook their meal for one month. Then one day Dhruv asked his mother, Maa! I just want to get my father’s love, I don’t want his kingdom, the his mother said: Dhruv! instead of asking for anything from your father you ask from Shri Hari he’ll give you every thing. Then after getting order from mother Balak Dhruv decided to leave the palace and to go to forest to meditate. The moment he was leaving the palace then somebody said that you don’t go to forest we will give you two kg flour. Then Dhruv got this thought even I have not started my meditation, I just decided to do that, I’m getting more flour. Suppose what will happen if I meditate and I got Shri Hari… With this eagerness Dhruv left the palace. In the way to the forest Rishi Narad came and he told Dhruv that this is goona tough I’ll give you the whole kingdom, but again same thought striked Dhruv’s mind again, Wow I have not started my meditation and I’m getting the whole kingdom by just one decision, there must be something special in Hari, so Balak Dhruv refused to Rishi Narad. Now Narad ji understood that this boy is different, Rishi Narad told him how to do meditation and gave him a Mantra… So after 6 months following Rishi Narad’s orders Balak Dhruv got Darshanas of Shri Hari…. See how Shri Hari helps us…

O Shri Hari! Please accept me….

SorryΒ  if I hurt someone’s feelings.

Jai Shri Radhey Shyam!

Jai Shri Hari!

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