My family has an ancestral Radhamadhav temple in the countryside where we send offerings yearly via our extended relatives who happen to live nearby. My ancestors had built this temple and we have been patrons of this temple for generations. A lot of my family history is linked to that temple but that’s a story for another time (if at all you’ll want to read such a story). I was never particularly keen on visiting that temple until I started my spiritual journey. My spiritual journey is a very hush hush affair and I never talk about it anywhere except for So, I didn’t know how to convince my parents to take me to that temple. But finally things came together and we decided to go for a long drive to visit our ancestral temple and a very famous temple (Hangsheshwari temple).

On the day of the trip I was of course very excited and dressed up in my favourite long kurti . I kept humming devotional tunes and was all set to meet my Lord. We set out in the morning, made a pit stop for having breakfast on a highway dhaba, got lost in narrow lanes during the last leg of our journey and finally reached the temple. But to my utter dismay I found the entrance to the temple locked. The idol was so faraway in a dark room inside the temple that I couldn’t even see a faint outline of the vigraha through the layers of grilled gates in between. I was disappointed, teary eyed and asked Krishna, how could he make me return from his doors in such a heartless manner even after knowing that my sole purpose of the visit was to see Him and how excited I was for it. I was totally not ready to leave without seeing Him. I prodded my father to look for the temple priest and ask around for him, because it was a village and the priest was bound to be nearby. I thought my father would dismiss my request but to my surprise he was equally eager to show me our ancestral temple. Surely, it was Krishna’s doing. At that moment a little girl who was playing with her friends nearby offered to help us and sent one of her friends to call the priest. I was soo grateful to the kid, that I wished for her well-being in every manner possible in my mind. The priest came and after knowing who we were, he welcomed us. He told us if we had informed him of our arrival beforehand he would’ve prepared more prasadam for us and was generous enough to give us his number for future communications . I stood in front of the vigraha and it was easily one of the most beautiful idol of Krishna I had ever laid my eyes on. (I would like to describe the vigraha for you all but unfortunately I don’t remember it as vividly because I had seen it on 18th Jan 2021 for the first and last time. All I can recall and recollect from my diary writings is my feelings at that moment. I don’t even have a picture of the idol.) I suddenly remembered , I needed to say a prayer that I had prepared very carefully beforehand. But in my emotional choked up state, I could only say half of what I had prepared and that too I had said in the silliest way possible. I kept staring at the idol and held back my tears until it was time for us to leave. I had thought I would return to the temple again in 2021 itself but Krishna had different plans it seems. I haven’t been able to visit the place again but I hope, Krishna would call me back soon enough. 

I would like to end this blog here. Thank you soo much for reading this and giving me your precious time. See you soon 😊