Amid COVID 19 I had to pay a visit to Hospital to get my father’s Plaster removed which was for 45 days. Being Baisakhi and the positive vibes that we had to start the day, being the festival of Harvest and new food in India. We reached the Hospital at the time given to us by the doctor and sat to wait for him. It was in front of the Emergency that we were sitting and all of a sudden I had a glimpse of the doctors and the attendants running here and there. Saw a small girl lying on the table and everyone standing and doing the drill. Wires hanging from all around her body and doctors working on the patient. It seemed to be Ok as the doctor came out of the room and the kid lying silently on the table. The attendants started removing the wires attached to the kid as she was lying calmly. It seemed to be perfect and then all of a sudden I heard the voice of the father crying, she was not lying calmly but she was lying dead on the table and no one was now ready to touch her.

Life in a second was off and the people who were trying to save her for the last one or more odd hours now had lost the battle and death had won once again. It took a minute for me to realize what happened. Standing helplessly and just gazing at the lifeless body of the kid a though just flashed in my head as,” What is life, it is just a matter of second when the doctors declared her dead and asked to remove the body”. There was lying a 14-year-old 8th standard girl who had just lost the battle. Her father for whom she was Adam’s apple was helpless no one was ready to help him lift the body in the pandemic. I had heard the news but saw it for the first time. I took the stretcher and walked with the father to remove the body and left it on a side and to be true was afraid myself. In this time of pandemic, we are trying to save everyone but human life is not the same. The last rituals of the body are said to be the best spiritual activity that an individual can have but still, no one came forward.

People walking past the body were looking at the body with surprise and at that time had a word with the father of the kid who had gathered the strength to fight the situation as he knew no one is going to help him. This is life this is a fact. No one will be there for you when you need. In the end, it would be your mortal body on the mercy of people whom you call family as if they will be able to dispose of the loved body of yours in a perfect manner or just it would be the social servants those will treat the body as a body.

What is that we are proud of, the mortal body for the looks, fitness or the soul that is there changing the clothes and moving ahead.

Chander Mohan “OM”.