Dear Osme Family,

Would like to continue from Part 1 

Sri Hari on the very first day of our arrival where I could see Him smiling ear to ear. Do you see that too?

Also, on the first day of the event met Raghu Swami (thanks to Sonali Om) near the lawns. He is so child like and sweet to talk to.

7th January

The second day of the event stared almost like the first day with Vishnu Saharanama, Aarti and meditation by Sadhvi Vrinda ji! The morning aarti by Vidyananda Swami is so soothing and touches the heart deeply. And that is the time when all Sadhvi ji’s, Swami’s and Sushree ji’s are there. One thing that no one can miss is their radiance and calmness on their face.  Being directly under Our beloved Master, nothing less can be expected.

Well, the previous night had met sweet Kirti Om and she asked me if I could volunteer for the ongoing Zenrich program, to which i readily said yes. So, that morning had a orientation program and in the afternoon had the actual session for the parents of the enrolled kids. The session was enriching and could speak and know about so many issues parents face. Could interact with so many other kind devotees. Earlier, when this program was announced, I wanted to take my teenager daughter with me to the ashram but it was not possible this time. So again Sri Hari saw that I somehow become a part of this program.

As the evening approached we all were waiting eagerly for Swamiji’s darshan. The first day i sat on the extreme right side of the temple, today i sat on the left hand side. The temple these two days was fit to the brim with devotees. The one thing one should be particular is not to make any noise after Swamiji’s entrance. He needs pin drop silence, I think he can also hear if a pin drops in the hall😊 Again tried hard to concentrate on what Swamiji was saying but u know….its really difficult😄 Later when I saw the recorded discourse, saw i had missed so much:) Maaf karo Swamiji🙏  Hearing Swamiji’s laughter was the nicest thing I remember.

Again that day my name was not on the list for group meeting . Waited on the lawns for another friend who had the meeting. That day i could see first hand the divinity of our Master, for when my friend came out of the meeting she was glowing, really glowing which was not there 2 minutes ago. Took her photo to show her glowing face!

I think the more pure you are the more you experience divinity in Swamiji.

That night in the dorm talked so much about the magical things written in books about Swamiji and that felt so good and light, as there are only a few times when I am able to express much about this all in my daily routine.

8th January

So the final day of the event and I knew this was the day i would be able to have His Darshan in the group meeting.

The morning meditation by Sadhvi ji was the best amongst the 3 days. She asked us to visualise Sri Hari on a swing and ourself in a 5 year old body playing with HIM and just be in His presence. It was a very emotional session for me but also could feel lighter afterwards.

After meditating in my favourite place, along the river for quite a while said good bye to River Giri mata, as i knew it would be a long time till i see her again.

Then while we were near the book shop saw Matarni and started speaking with her. And when asked if we could click photo she was so gracious to allow . Was so so grateful and so emotional after taking this photograph.

Its me and Lata in the snap with Matarani who was glowing in a beautiful pink saree that day. Even Swamiji that evening mentioned about Matarani so lovingly the same thing at the temple.

 That day Sri Hari too was decorated with a beautiful garland of green flowers which we saw for the first time. Swamiji after doing His Pranams to Sri Hari was too enquiring to Sadhvi ji, I guess, about if they are really flowers?

Aren’t they rare?

So that magical evening, for the discourse I sat to the extreme left as I knew Swamiji would be playing piano and can be near Him for sometime atleast! All three days had His Darshan from 3 angles:)

That evening after the discourse during the Aarti could directly see Our beautiful Swamiji singing it. What I felt is difficult to express but His devotion was overflowing. And the kirtan which was sung later on moved almost all present there. Maa’s Kripa🙏 Also would like to mention Anubhav whom Swamiji asked to sing later and am sure all have listened to his melodious voice, also played  pakahawaj so well during the kirtan time, that made it more enjoyable.

Atlast it was time to meet Swamiji, which was in the form of Charan Sparsh.  We were suppose to enter the meeting room in a line and do His Charan Sparsh and leave immediately. I was i think numb as stood in the line. As i entered the room saw Our beautiful Swamiji was sitting on His seat smiling and nodding to devotees. As did my charan sparsh felt grateful for the opportunity, for I know so many want to do this but have not been able to do it till now. Left the room feeling happy 😃 

What more to say! Had only dreamed about this…but dearest Swamiji, Sri Hari made this possible for me and I will be forever Grateful!

The next morning were supposed to leave in the morning.

Of course one feels sad while leaving but also with so many memories!

on a side note:

I am fully aware that Ashram is not a place to make friends (social interaction)and that it really helps if we are in silence ( which I was really looking forward to), but it was not possible this time ( infact I talked so much all about Swamiji and Ashram in general), and am so hapy that I could connect with 2 lovely souls Lata and Amrita! One who saw Swamiji and Maa in Sri Hari and the other, Divinity in Swamiji! I still have a long way to go to purify myself to experience these beautiful moments! But could hear first hand from them.

Thank you for reading this! Really!

I offer my obeisance to the Lotus Feet of my Master🙇‍♀️