People call that we are equal

God have created us equal…

But is that true in real life..

No No Big NO…

We are not equal

Even the fingers of our hand

Are not equal

Then how

People with different

Languages, cultures and backgrounds

Be equal

Then why we keep bragging

We are equal..

There are inequalities

At all levels of society

Be it inequality

Between man and women

Between cultures and races

Be it society at large

Nobody is equal…

God has created world

Its resources equally for all

So why so unfairness

So ever wonder

How can we be equal in thy beautiful world

Unfairness in distribution of resources

Confined in hands

Of few elite

Who exploits as they might

For their own benefits

Fulfillment of their own petty desires

Own complete control over them

Leading to inequality..

My heart went out

For a cobbler

Who toils whole through the day

Sitting under scorching sun

Drenched up totally in sweating

After much hard work

Earns his living

Serves his family..

See a man who is beggar

Have no means to earn

Lives on the alms so given

Think how he lives

Make his ends meet..

If they are provided

Opportunities to learn and grow

They would have been able to make difference

To their humble lives

Empower themselves..

But, if we look at the rich people

Have all amenities to use

Have all luxuries to enjoy

Owns source of livelihood

Shares with few of theirs

And resources being under their mighty control..

I ask

Can these resources

Be equally distributed

So everybody can enhance their living

Add to the growth of the country

As a whole

World is divided

Rich and poor

Becomes the shades of society

Rich is getting richer

Poor is getting poorer

Hoping for a solution

For this weed of society

Which is eating flavors of this creation

May be a solution can be

In division of resources

That brings unity and uplift

Society at large..

Hope the day will come

When world becoming equal

Happy and cherishing in togetherness…

Jai Sri Hari 🙏🌸


~Neelam Om

P.S. Views are personal and can differ. I appreciate and respect others opinion for we have different upbringing yet one under umbrella of our beloved Swami ji.