Shloka 71
Lord Rama’s Name can set right many deficiencies of our mind. We can follow the noble path if we remember Lord Rama. Remembering Lord Rama creates huge stock of merit for us.

Shloka 72
If we cannot understand books then we should atleast remember Lord Rama in our mind. What efforts are required for that? Don’t entangle your mind in the day to day happenings.

Shloka 73
He who undertake penance puts his body under stress. He who remembers Lord Rama while doing penance is relieved of the stress. God Shiva always remembers Lord Rama.

Shloka 74
There are many obstacles in the path of realisation of God. He who has wealth can perform rituals and give donations. Let us remember the protector of the afflicted.

Shloka 75
Whatever has been said is having ony one substance – Good Action. You can see it for yourself. Let us remove confusion from our mind.

Shloka 76
If we are not in a postion to perform good acts, similarly if we cannot perform japas and tapas, but then also we can always remember Lord Rama to start with.

Shloka 77
Remembering Lord Rama will turn our attachment for sensual pleasures into attachment for Good Work. We will understand that other living creatures are no different from us. All the pairs of opposites that we experience will come to an end. We should sing the stories of Lord Rama. Our mind should have faith in him.

Shloka 78
He who does not believe in Lord Rama, everything goes adverse to him. Lord Rama is the controller of all. He can grant salvation from the wordly troubles. Dont be unnecessarily sad about the happenings taking place around you.

Shloka 79
Attachment to Lord Rama is the origin of all good signs. Let us have attachment for Lord Rama. Let us win over the attachment to the world. We keep on indulging in imaginations. We long for something that is not there and then become sad.

Shloka 80
Let Shri Rama dwell in our mind. Let us sail smoothly through the ocean of wordly troubles. Let us destroy jealousy in our mind.

In the 17th century, a very famous Saint, Samartha Ramdas Swami, wrote a small book containing 205 verses.
The name of the book, written in the Marathi language is “Shri Manache Shloka” (श्री मनाचे श्लोक) — which means “A Dialogue With Our Mind.”

Samarth Ramdas Swami teaches us how our mind is our friend, our enemy, and how it can be our Guru. It advises ethical behavior and love for God.

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