As the Navratras are to sampann with Navmi tomorrow almost all of the houses aage ,peechhe ,oopar neeche,daayei baayei…eat the same dish morning ,afternoon or evening……sooji Halwaa ,Kaale chane and Pooris…all dieting goes for a six and alll fasting of raw foods now is replaced by eating sooper fast! The little hard working ones though prepare additional tamatar aloo and kachauris too! Little girls who are considered as embodiment of Maa durga and offered this prsaad along with little gifts as clips ,ribbons ,red bangles or digital watch ,pencil box or stationery item! As a little girl i only used to look forward to Ashtami or as they say in Delhi Kanjjke as we were treated as and chief guests with neighbour uncle ,aunties..
They washed our feet ,put red rauli teeka on our forehead, tied mauli or kalawa on our wrists and then treated us with garam garam poori ,halwa and channe! And the main attraction were Coins as dakshina deep inside halwa so we likked the coins too and later spent them for golgappa ,coke and namkeen party ! The most funny part was some uncle and auntys bending down as horses and asking us to give them “Thaappe” that was ashirwad or blessings by patting their backs with our hands!

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