A child usually says I love you to his parents when he needs something or needs a favour, but at times when out of gratitude ,krippa and revrence when a child recites gloriesof his Divine parents that is our Sri hari s Aarti. Presenting below is a translation of Swamiji s explanation on meaning of Sri hari aarti by his humble servant according to her limited understanding.

He is Hari…the one who is etenal and he makes everyone s pain disappears.
..out of 16 types of Shodapchaars or worships with which we make Divine alive Aarti is a full of feelings or bhaav. Jai jai…Again and again I bow at your lotus feet…all glories to you Bhagwaan. Are u in universe or universe in you ? This is a Gorakh dhanda! Prabhu…..you are the controller! Shrinaath….Swami or husband of Shree or mother Godess, Shree is stable and always doing charan seva of Vishnu bhagwaan. You are Puraaree…Raam bhagwaan, Sri hari u r the beautiful faced God ! U wear Peetambar…yellow clothes…when ever sun rises or sets it has yellow colour same way oh Lord you are the beginning and end of this universe. You wear Vayjanti maala….all flowers get dry but Sri hari and his Vayjanti mala keep blooming and fresh! Who ever has got your touch or sparsh also always stays fresh and in bliss! Megha varn or colour of black cloud is associated with a cloud full of water which will rain ,same way Sri hari you are so kind and compassionate krippa nidaan ,ready to fill us with blessings ,krippa and unconditional love. Sri hari you have big eyes and muscular arms! Maa resides in you so you are called Shrivaas There is another name for Sri hari…Sri vats hriiday which means some one who has a mark on his heart….there is a story of Bhrighu Rishi kicking vishnuji s heart to check his compassion even if his devotee hurts him,since Vishnujee is so delicate ,he got a mark on his heart.He is also Shri mata…the original cosmic Mother,He is Tripurari or Lord of all 3 lokas.Shri hari has a shankh to which s soud we and universe breathes ,he has a lotus…a lotus beauty is unaffected by muck around it,Gadda….to make a prahaar on our tendencies and old habbits and a chakkra which can cut worldly ties ! Sri hari is playfuly innocent..he made Narad jee into a monkey too.Sri hari is viraajmaan or sleeping on a snake full of poison and smiling.In which ever svaroop Vishnu ji came he never got Sukha but presented an immage of moral conduct a righteous person should follow.Sri hari rides a Garuda.We bow to you oh Sri hari. Ksheer saagar means an ocean of milk or moh,in that too Sri hari without partiality or favouritism stays in Vaikunth.Vaikunth is a place without kuntha or dukh! Lakshmi pakhare…Maa lakshmi is the softest and most delicate ,when she presses Sri haris charran he gets lots of comfort as he is himself so soft that anyone else s fingers pressing his feet can hurt him! Sri hari joyously tours the universe so is called vishwa vihaari! There is no difference in you lord Vishnu and Devi, you are Ambe ,you are maa Tripura Sundari,. You are Durga and you only are Parvati.In whole world oh Sri hari you are the only one to be worshipped! You are Devki mata s son oh Sri hari. You are Raam ,u r maa Seeta.You are Krishna so are you Radha , You are Uma so are you Uma patee..Shiva!Oh Shri hari you only took avtaar of Narasimha aswelll as Vaaman.Oh Sri hari, I also bow down to the place where u are viraajmaan. Sri hari you are Govind ,you only are Mohan and Mohini! You are Harihar or Ayyapa Sri hari and you only are Saakshaat Shiva! I bow down to you again and again. Happy b.day Sri hari.

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