तस्मादज्ञानसम्भूतं हृत्स्थं ज्ञानासिनात्मन: |
छित्त्वैनं संशयं योगमातिष्ठोत्तिष्ठ भारत || 42||

Therefore, with the sword of knowledge, cut as under the doubts those have risen in your heart. O scion of Bharat, establish yourself in Karm Yog. Arise, stand, and take action.

-The Bhagwat Gita


The wisdom of Gita is all-encompassing and teaches us the nuggets of truth and way of living.

Arise– we know we have to

Stand– we will if we can arise

Action– it happens if we are firm in our will power.

We are aware of the fact that we ought to do things a certain way.

We are aware of the fact that we ought to behave a certain way.

We are aware of the fact that we ought to work a certain way.

But does our MIND allow us this?

We all have become the Abhimanyu of the new age where we know how to enter the Chakravyu but are oblivious of the exit route.

Once we are in, we face the Dhronas, Bhismas, and Kauravas, and succumb due to our inability to fight the Big Sharks.

Infact, I would say we are not willing to learn as the race to reach the destination is the only thing on our mind. We all are looking for short cuts and this has blinded us. And on our way to reach the top, we have forgotten to tie our seat belts.

In the latest video of Om Swamiji posted on 21st June, on Ajna chakra where he mentions that isolation makes you depressed, the depressed mind seeks solace in isolation even though they don’t want to. They want to have fun, but the mind just does not let them.


That’s where I could connect the dots of my past. Like everyone, I have gone through very tough times. But nothing would help as Mind would just not listen. In complete isolation, I would get horrendous thoughts.

I realized, that inspite of the knowledge, the wisdom, I was still struggling to come out of the situation. Imagine who do not know the Knowledge of the Self, it must be too difficult for them to interpret the idea of why things happen to them. They struggle hard to fight the demon of the mind.

To divert my mind, I started to do a basic practice of Mahapran Dhvani. It is a variation of Bumblebee or Brahmari taught in the Preksha Meditation, a Jain school of mediation started by Acharya Mahaprajnaji. Though I was not regular with it, I would just do to teach my son to increase his memory power. (Sharing the link below of this, which I had created in the year 2016)


Slowly as time flew I came out of my depression without my knowledge. Things became normal, and I enrolled for my MBA program, for a fresh beginning.

The Mahapran Dhavni had done its magic. Something deep inside stirred up, and I was back to my normal self.

After that, I explored many other mediation camps, Shastras, and ancient science and went on to do my Ph.D in Vastu Shastra.

Then, one day in my dream, I was lead to Kundalini Sadhana with Om Swamiji, which happened in January 2019.

I was HOME

My childhood journey of religion, spirituality, wisdom all took a stable seat with the seat belt on with Swamiji. The jigsaw puzzle of my life got solved, after Swamiji took me under His Giant Umbrella. His Grace made me sail through difficulties. He helped me come out of my Chakravyu.

HIS book on Kundalini, the national bestseller, taught me so much about the Chakra system. These chakras are a way of getting out of the Chakravyu, the whirlpools of life, Chakravyu of unwanted politics, failures, racism, nepotism, negativities.

It is easy to comment on suicide, especially of a famous personality, them not taking the help of family and friends or psychiatrists, but I have experienced that this MIND just does not allow. The Ajna chakra just shrinks with constant stress. We know how to get in(like Abhimanyu) but can’t sustain the constant stress from media, competition, ever-changing boyfriends/girlfriends, etc.

That’s why methods were built in ancient India to enhance the Ajna chakra. Swamiji says it is the easiest chakra to activate. For eg. Touching the brow as Tilak, dhandvat pranams, various yoga techniques, Yog Nidras, child pose, thoppukaranam etc. have a deep impact on our brow chakra.

In my career of eight years, I have seen many people struggling and are unable to come out from their mess. Unless we work on our chakras at a basic level, it is tough. All methods in various schools like Jainism, Buddhism, Santana dharma, Pranic healing, Reiki, are developed in and around the chakras so that our mind would listen to us. Every method works, as it is our Mind working ultimately.

It is my humble request to all parents to teach their kids how to tackle stress and show them the exit routes. And for that, one must do ACTION (KARMA). And for that, at least one parent must know about Kundalini Sadhana.  It is the knowledge of the SELF.

Infact, if kids are taught in their school curriculum the techniques of simple Self Help, it would be great.

Why do we take help from the Gurus, when we have hit the rock bottom?

Why not go to them from our childhood, so that we know what to do at the time of distress?

The Self-realised Gurus must be given a chance to form a basic curriculum of Mental Health for kids.

Its high time India got back its ancient practice of the Gurukul system for the learning of the Self.

Today’s education system fails in addressing issues related to Mental Health and Human Psychology.

Choose any school of meditation. All are great, as all are helping mankind to Evolve, Rise and Shine.

My Soul has rested on OmSwamiji’s technique of Kundalini Sadhana.


 Bhagavad Gita translation from the website https://www.holy-bhagavad-gita.org/