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Yesterday, I was with a fellow brother. I have mentioned him in my previous posts. And as it happens, whenever we get along, usually after many days, we discuss a lot of things. Among other things, at one point, he shared a beautiful quote with me, which has really impressed my mind. And there is so much to imbibe from this single line. So, here is the quote:

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"Pray as though everything depended on God.

Work as though everything depended on you.”

-St. Augustine

Isn’t it profound? I guess, it’s the effect of spending so much time with me that he too is reading all these things and trying to imbibe their essence. And I actually chuckled at him saying— “Alok Effect!”😋 Jokes apart, I am happy that he is learning to absorb these wisdoms. 

Now, coming back to the quote, what’s great about it? 

Well, it perfectly sets the attitude which we should take in life. On one hand, there’s the role of faith. And by faith I don’t mean just religious belief, but a deep abiding sense of trust upon the Divine Providence. On the other hand, there’s the role of doing our work with total responsibility. So, in a way, this quote talks about the harmonious way of living—which is essential in life. But, I found a more spiritual tone to it. Doesn’t it also say that when we pray, we should have no sense of ‘agency’—that ‘I’ am the ‘karta’ (doer)—and completely surrender our ego before God? So, the first line can be interpreted, as I see it, to be trying to advise us to approach God being completely empty. And the second line urges us to do our duties completely, because without that, we cannot evolve. 

So, for me, I found spiritual insights in these two lines. What did you find? Let me know. I would be happy to know. 

Take care. 

Jai Shri Hari! 

Thank you.

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