This story is true.
And it is also true that my Guru explained to Maya what is true about truth.
His wisdom and grace led Maya from a guilt ridden life to a life of peace and joy.
Maya was in a bad marriage  for many years. For the world it appeared truthful. Marriage is a social contract. But a relationship entails much more than social acceptance. In her heart she was suffering. She was doing many things that were not her nature, to make it work. She was always  extremely worried and stressed about various issues caused by her situation.The suffering was unending and multi pronged. .  Living a life of self deception was misery in itself. Her spiritual path was what carried her through tough times. She gained strength from chanting, meditating and reading spiritual books and blogs. That was her crutch amidst the turmoil. She studied about Vedanta and Upanishads which were pillars of Sanatana dharma. She learnt about Yamas and Niyamas that need to be practiced on the path of spiritual pursuit. She gained tremendous strength from the knowledge.
Then there came a time that life came to a dead end for her and she had to ask for divorce. Through a long, tedious, painful process she finally got it. During those years, she became close to a friend. He was always there for her, listening and helping her in many ways. His inner strength and compassionate nature were like fresh oxygen to her breathless life. They became very close. She knew that his marriage was bad and he lived on his own. He was separated, but not divorced. Their conventional, joint family wouldn’t even consider it.
After her divorce, Maya and this friend slowly got into a relationship. It was of great compatibility , love, joy, respect and mutual trust. It was a match made in heaven. It was not planned, it just evolved into a relationship. But there was guilt.
Maya was very God fearing and spiritual. She believed that on the path of spirituality, Truth is an absolute necessity (one of the Yamas), but here she was compelled to lie. Because she didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings and didn’t want social scrutiny. Once she even wanted to end her relationship with him because of that guilt. But her love for him was true too. He made it clear to her that it was foolish to do that. It wouldn’t save his marriage. It would only make both of them miserable again.
With mixed feelings of guilt and reasoning, Maya was moving on with her life, happy, but not fully convinced. She was following Om Swamiji on YouTube and consuming His words of wisdom like staple food, every day. She thought, here was a divine soul, who was broad in his vision and deep in his knowledge, who would guide her in the right direction. She surrendered to Him.
One day she read his blog called ‘The Path Of Truth’. It was about what defines TRUTH.He reiterates that treading the path of truth helps in expanding the consciousness. But, He says’ Sympathy is more powerful than truth.’  It had a story about Buddha, called as Tathagata, being asked about speaking truth.

He said ‘In the case of words that the Tathagata knows to be




and endearing

and agreeable

to others, he has a sense of the proper time for saying them.’ Because He has sympathy for living beings. Truth is not absolute. It has several nuances. With wisdom one has to find his/her own truth.

Maya felt the dark clouds of guilt lifting from her soul and light engulfing her. She was engulfed in the brightness of wisdom given by her Guru, with so much simplicity and wisdom. She found  her Truth.