We are living in a which is superficial. In school we are taught to be competitive, follow success, focus on your weakness. Right from childhood we are taught that we need to study to get a good job and life will be settled.. But is this true.

Instead we should be taught try your best, if you fail that’s not the end.. You need to follow your passion.. accept yourself the way you are.  There are many jobs in the market and you will definitely get one. 

Situations and circumstances change nothing is permanent.. Have faith in self .Have hope but give others hope too.  Acceptance means accept yourself, the people in your life and the current situation. We all know that we need to come out of our comfort zone at times.. acceptance me working on it.Accepting to be stagnant is not acceptance. 

There were these twins children in a not so well to  family one of the two twins accepted they were poor and that’s their destiny and stayed at home never went out to play because he saw he didn’t have the toys that his friends had.. the second twin went out to play he never thought that his family situation is an hindrance in his childhood he accepted that small joys in life can bring happiness and he enjoyed every moment outside if his peers didn’t allow him to play he went searching for interesting broken stuffs in garbage or played alone.. this stories shows accept things in life as per choice but yes don’t let the hamper your self worth.





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