It’s been more than 10 years since I have talked to him and surprisingly the life is going fine and to be frank much better. Life was that there never went a day when we never met and spent more than 4 hours together. What a time, what life, and what moments. The lines if tried to fit in anyone’s life will easily fit in, for some it would be your friend for some it would-be girlfriend or boyfriend. For some, it would be family members and for some, it would be spouse or siblings. Life is the greatest teacher who tests us and then teaches us the lesson and that lesson is for the lifetime.

Why I choose to write about it today, is that I realized one thing, its been years I have talked to my friends,

It’s been years since I have talked to my mentor

It’s been years since I have talked to my cousins

Its been months dad left us and this is the realization that gave me to introspect as to what is the most important thing in one’s life.


Is it to be practical, is it to be straight forwards, is it to be mindful, or is it to be full of gratitude and what I found today is that it is acceptance. Acceptance of the fact that life has to go on and we have to understand life is not going to be the same. Life will give you what you don’t want and will take away from you what you need the most.

It will keep on giving you the jolts of your life till the time you accept the fact that life won’t stop for you and it won’t be the way you want. Life is a continuous flow and if you don’t walk or swim along with the flow it is sure you are going to lose eventually as it is tough for the best of the swimmer to swim against the current and with time he will lose but if he goes with the flow the results that you will receive will be more than your anticipation.

Accepting that dad is not going to come back and we have to live this life with his memories is a fact. Accepting the change is what is eventually going to help you to lead a peaceful and blissful life.

What is your call to have a blissful life 

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