The world has a truth and the truth remains as it for ever. We can’t change it even if we don’t like it. We should think about the possibility of how we can accept the truth. Everyone likes and wants to change or take what they like and hate what they have. This is the thinking of everyone. Here is a story that goes along with the truth:

Once there lived a crow. Its life was very sad. It had less food and people would hate it because of his black feathers and dirty voice. He started to hate his life. One day, he saw peacocks, which are beautiful and are liked by everyone. He then saw peacock feathers and arranged them to look like peacocks. He then gave a warning to his fellow crows and left to start being with the peacocks. They got angry at him and all attacked him and removed his feathers. When he had no choice but to leave and went to see his fellow crows, they also hated him and sent him away.

Never be unhappy with who you are or have!

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