Krishna… What would I be without you..

Krishna, why we humans complicate our life so much that we fail to recognise that you sent us here to just play our role as you want us to and when we are done you would call us back to you..

Every bit of our life we waste, living in the past forgetting the present and planning the future.. Why are we complicating it ourselves so much, when everything is already scheduled by you…

Who am I to question you whether life is fair or unfair, why dont I just learn to live through it? Every min there is constant comparison of lives of others with mine… What are we even achieving by this… Hatred?Jealousy? Greed? This path will never lead us to you

I wonder even while you there to take care of every bit of our lives with great detail, yet we still have list of desires to beg for to get your approval. What if you were not there to hold on tojQuery1124023168235864393694_1620573682713 I truly would have made my life a living hell….What would my life be without you?