Addiction implies clutching things beyond all doubt as though you can’t survive without them or as though your actual satisfaction and presence rely on them. These are the psychological bonds you create with things and items you accept are significant for yourself as well as your satisfaction. They are the imperceptible strings that attach you to the outer world and its bunch attractions through your receptors. Addiction doesn’t mean just one thing, It can be of many types like- Addiction of mobile phones, Drugs, Medicines, Alcohol, Cigarette, Sugar and so much and all such addictions are essential for your awareness. They tie you to the tactile world and cutoff your vision, information and mindfulness. They decide your activities, responses and inactions, your delights and distresses and your victories and disappointments. Whenever you addict to things, they assume command over your life, your body, psyche and detects and characterize your life, character and predetermination. They additionally limit your opportunity and mindfulness.

                  Image credit – Pexels