Hey friends, today I will share one recent incident of my life which gave me an instant realisation. In our day to day life we must try to extract some lesson from our own mistakes and also from the incidents happening around us. Life is a wonderful teacher and if we are ready to learn its lessons then we are already in the process of evolving our soul. 

One such lesson, I have learnt two days back. When my brother’s wife sent me some class activity pics of her daughter Adya, who has just got admission in LKG class. Adya is a very delicate, cute little girl who couldn’t join any play school due to the covid period. But with her own sharp observing skills, she learnt many things from the kids apps on her tab, she is allowed to watch for a restricted period of time daily. She performed so well in her interview that she got direct admission in LKG without even doing nursery. In my views, sending such a delicate child to LKG directly is not a fair decision. 

So having that mindset, When I saw those activity pics of Adya, I observed that only Adya’s hand imprint is not straight. Rest all kids had done it straight upright. So i concluded that maybe she had gone to school after two days break due to sickness, that’s why she couldn’t perform that well in this activity. “Aww my cutie Adu is so little that the teacher has made her stand in the middle!” I said to myself. 

When in the evening I showed the same pic to my daughter Tia (11 years), and told her what my mind had observed and concluded, She said in her own dramatic style “Mumma have you observed Adu’s teacher’s drawing on that blackboard in this pic? In fact she is the only child in  class who has performed perfectly. That’s why she’s standing in the middle in that picture. Her teacher had sent best remarks about Adya’s performance to mami.”

 I was just speechless when I realised how quickly I had made the judgement. Once again I got the lesson that what we observe with our eyes need not always be the truth. So we should avoid jumping to conclusions. 

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