Jai Sri Hari!

Mother’s name is MaheshwaMahaakalpMahaaTaandavSaakshini, the only eye witness of MahaaTaandav.Β 

One day as usual Mother Divine was discussing with Param Shiva in their abode Kailasha. Mother was asking queries and Shiva was answering the. Mother asked, what happened after MahaTandav? Today I’m sharing that conversation of Maa and Mahadev.

Shiva: O Maheshani! First of all there was no existence of any creature except me and you in this Trilok, that time I asked you jokingly:

O Maheshwari! It seems that you are more qualified than me. Parmeshani! Look there, the whole universe has been converted into nothingness. Bhavani! No place is visible anywhere for residence. Where will accommodation be available now? Everything created by me is finished. I always desire to abstain from worldly work. This thing is also in your notice. Maheshwari! Now you yourself imagine a place of residence.

O Devi! when I said this, you said unkind words towards me with your eyes grown red in anger.

Mother Divine: O Dev! You depend on me for every work. In my absence you remain only as a dead body. I say this with certainty. I have expanded this whole world only with your yoga (union) and have considered you as Vatsarupa in it. What is your qualification? I have always been creator of all actions. The work done by me cannot be called ineffective. This world has been created on the strength of my Maya. Parmeshwar! The works of the whole world are rendered by my powers.

At that time, listening to such harsh words from you, I remained only a mute spectator in a calm manner. Parmeshwari! Then I got heartbroken after being sad and thought of a trick to get your blessings.
O Varanane! In a deserted place in the western part of the universe, with the ashes of my body, I created a terrible demon named Ghor.

That demon created by me was one crore yojanas long and thirty-two yojanas wide. He also had one crore fierce hands and one crore bright eyes. His five million faces were covered with embers of fire. Maheshwari! Then I gave eight Siddhis to that demon.

Story Continued…..

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(1 Yojana= 8 miles= 12.8km)