It would have been a silly question if I didn’t assist the “accidental” death of our 29 years old niece twenty months ago. I experienced this venture as a gift from life. I stayed strangely calm and could perceive all “unnatural” events that happened before, during, and after her departure.

As a psychologist, I studied Near Death Experience for many years, but it was the first time I  personally notice the many signs of this transition. Eight months before she died, my wife offered her a very special ring saying: « it better to receive it while you are alive.» She kept that ring for her thirtieth anniversary. When she took her boarding pass to fly to visit us, she said: « there will be no return.» The night before she passes, we had an in-depth conversation about her life and her happiness. She was tired and in search of peace. Since her father died three years before, she was feeling a stomach lump. When we said good night, my wife told her, « I love you,» and she told us that her stomach pain was gone. The moment she got electrocuted while taking her shower, and after it, so many unique behaviors happened. All our car batteries stopped functioning, the light outside our house went on and off by themselves for several days.

I am born and educated in Europe, where death is rarely talked about. The mourning to its time. It gave me the opportunity to meditate and study death and the meaning of our life.

I came to a conclusion, maybe for the time being, that we are here to love ourselves and learn to detach fully. Detach from our possessions, from our physical body, from our ego.

So yes, we can invest in afterlife insurance.

I don’t mean putting some money somewhere so somebody will take responsibility for my behaviors. No, I mean investing daily some time to identify my current attachments consciously. Once noticed, meditating on the real importance they have in my life. Why do I keep them in my mind? What part of my personality do they serve? What emotions do they activate? And then, be compassionate with my ego, which is just trying to survive. So I can calm him by letting him understand that death is only a passage. The pure « I » will survive.

Either we come back or evolve towards another dimension depending on our capacity to detach from the separated « me » to become the unified « self.» Our divine essence, which is detached from desire, detached from emotion, detached from a reaction. We are just an instrument of Mother Divine serving what needs to be served in the moment and space we are right here and now.