1. Age is just a number...... 2My humble pranaam  at Guru ji’s lotus feet. May Mother Divine always take care of Him though He Himself is Her another form…And my love and gratitude to os.me family members. 

                   Recently  I searched in Google  for learning about horse riding. After a couple of time spent I caught a number and I dialed them. They teach and it’s either monthly or for 6 months. They quoted the price also. Then  I said them that I will get back.

                          As a curious learner I have always wanted to learn these things. After Prabhu ji came in my life , I learnt swimming and learning piano. So being an actor also I imagined that I have to know horse riding. But I was afraid to ask my mother about that..maybe  because she will get scared.  So I rang my elder brother who is 2 years elder to me. I am 45 now :-).

                            So…guess his reply…He said….waoooooooo……

Bravo……great…you will learn horse riding now…it’s beautiful…great ,inspiring idea…I wish I can also learn…Go ahead. What are you waiting for!!!!!!

Errrrrrrrr….nothing like that happened. His answer was a big NO. My brother is a professor in Medicine  in DUTTA MEGHE INSTITUTE OF MEDICAL SCIENCE  ,Wardha. Maharashtra. Being a doctor  every day he spends time in ICU ,treats patients, observe their pain ,pleasure ,suffering each moment. The difference between him and me are a lot. From the beginning  he was a very good student  and I was not. He was introvert ,he still is.. I am not. .He is the good son.. You can compare him to Shashi Kapoor and me to Big B of Deewar…Haha… But he loves me a lot…I too. He is the one who gifted me the book of Master first…IF TRUTH BE TOLD…

               So you can say being a doctor  he is practical  than me.. May be.. the readers will decide. After listening to my interest it was his answer. 

             ….You are not getting admission there. No means no.

If at all you will fall from the horse once you will get fractures.  May be your femur bone  will get Crack.. There will be chance of paralysis.. You can not take the risk of learning Horse riding at this age. No chance. Be scientific sometimes. Take decisions from your brain sometimes and not from your heart.

    Bhai please please please let me allow.    No means no. It is final. You will learn means you are going to fall. Be it cycle, motorcycle, or whatever.  That’s all.

                   So here it is… After getting his answer I also searched in Google….Learning Horse riding at the age of 45… The answers I got were all positive. Some said it’s fun.. some said horses can be very good companies…No statement was negative.  

So now I am waiting for your replies…..age is just a number….is it appropriate every where and every time? Deciding from heart or use your brain?????

I will be really obliged if I will get your feedbacks.

What is the difference between 20 years and 40 years…l know the physical difference. What about mind? Can you take risks if your passion or learning curiosity  will provoke you at certain age? Please join in it..

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