With the mind firmly stabilized

the Aghori sits down to meditate

the life is fleeing away from the corpse

as the body is being consigned to flames

In the dead of the night

a gentle breeze is blowing

the rustling sound of the leaves

is nothing but harrowing

With the chanting of Mantras

the Adept is calling his Deity

there are lower energy forms at play

wanting to keep the Divine at bay

The shenanigans of these spirits

has no impact on the meditator

The Yogi’s mind does not even waver

like the wick of the lamp that does not flicker

No power in this world

can dither him from his path

the only thing that he wants is to become a true Nath

The road to salvation is arduous and filled with gory

no true attainment can be had without being immersed in his glory

He revels in solitude

with an always can do attitude

Oh Aghori! I bow my head to thee

The way you perceive this world

I wish is something that I could also see

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