I offer my obeisance to you Rev. Sri Sri. Om Swamiji🙏🕉 Love and Light🙏🏻Jai Sri Hari🙏🕉

Couple of days have been like a mystery for me, and I never could in my wildest dreams imagine that one fine day I would immerse deep into the subject that surrounds around the journey and life of the Aghoris, depicted in a much treasured book. Trust me, I almost raced through it  in a day.

It did intrigue my inner being to know deeply about the Spirit world, at a very young age ,  much of which I shared in the Paranormal series here earlier. Also as far as I can remember, during teens or later years many of us did manage to watch horror movies, and even if it would be scary it still would attract us.

Interestingly, what  is so fascinating about the dark world or forces, still remains  a mystery.

Having spent almost 18 years of my life ( early 20’s and 30’s) in the holy places of Rishis and Sages and Sadhus in Haridwar and Rishikesh where people young and old would throng to get a glimpse of The Aghori Babas, Siddhas and Naga Babas, as it was made to  believe that their blessings was like the highest boon one could receive in life. But I always managed to keep away from this mystical  world. The bigger reason also was that  I found it both very uncomfortable and eerie.

Strangely, today I am fearlessly mentioning  and writing about Aghori Babas with immense deep reverence in my heart, all thanks to the wisdom shared about them in this fascinating book, that has blown me completely. 

To know more about them please do read this book authored by Mayur Kalbag “AGHORI AN UNTOLD STORY”. He truly is an evolved Soul . He has authored few other books too. You can watch him speak on his research and experience on the same  on this link  https://youtu.be/M8mDRx0eVPY

A  glimpse of my feelings after I finished reading the book …

A mysterious sight to an intriguing and breathtaking deep journey of a true shishya Subbu, carrying within him an undeterred , unflinching faith and grace of his Guru in taking the plunge into an unknown mystic world , a world of Divine Shiva where these forces flow.

“Aghori An untold Story” , the wonderful yet mystical book written by the author Mayur Kalbag  is worth every bit a read, and one truly is transported to a different glorious, ethereal and meditative world leading to the Divine. It makes one witness the dense forces/ Sadhus  that are purely smelling and treading the deep way through the darkness, into the light” , embedding an unforgettable Majesty, will and strength as they walk the ash immersed life of Aghoris. They respect and love their world.

The author’s attitude of persistence and sincerity in penning down the experiences that flow into seeking the blessings of these unsung  radiating forces ( the Aghoris) is truly captivating . The depiction eventually leads to the shedding of so much of the misconception built around their lives since ages. It did shed mine!

One is purely left with sheer deep, warm and in high reverence of the Aghori Sadhus and their treasured alien world.

Aghori babas

The book is written with utmost simplicity and one just flows with it. Gratitude and thanks to the author Mayur Kalbag for this insightful holy trip.

Har Haaaar Mahadev🕉

Undoubtedly we are Blessed to be in our Bhoomi (Motherland) that carries in it the Grace of Siddhas, Seers and Naga Babas. A Bhoomi that is immersed in Reverence of the lineages of Devas, Gurus and Ancestors and this Sacred Soil is also blessed with the whiff of many passionate forces known as Aghori Babas.

Thank you my OS family for your precious time and patience . Wishing you all good health and peace abundant 🙏🕉

Hari Om

Siddhika Umesh

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