1. They : Hey Hiii sooo.. How r u doing ?

Me : Ahhh!! Am all Good 💖His Grace 🙏

They :Ohhh who… ‘HIS’ ? Aah!! ok, saw ur recent pics on status.. some river…some ashram.. hmmm some place .. Himalayas is it ?

Me: Nah it’s Himachal Pradesh… Solan.

They : Where on earth is this ?

Me: It’s at Solan, HP near Shimla ..quiet close to Chandigarh, Badrika Ashram…my revered Master 🙏Guru Shri Om Swami🙏

They : That author !!! Whose book u gifted me on my last b’day.

Me: Have u read?

They : Nah, have started but couldn’t complete…it’s on my desk …but tell me more on ur Guru Business. 

Me : whaaat?

They : How do u feel? (Meaning) What’s CHANGED in ur life ……..?????? Change …do u see life differently ….wahts so special on having a Guru…

Me : 🤔🤔🤔 Hmmmm… well am calmer 🤨am more receptive😱 am more🧐 ……

Ok so let’s start with what’s changed within us …after receiving our revered Masters Grace🙏🙏🙏 …Initiation !!!

First and foremost …All the questions ohhh 10000sss (thousands) of them …To begin with in that mighty head… Only pathway to get answers is at Swaminars… then at satsang’s with Swamiji ….Q&A … It goes on in loop ….

These n that goes on….reasoning self ….am i fooling myself, am a journo …how can i fall in this trap ?

Then ….

First hurdle crossed ….some ease after reading few books, videos…

And then the phase comes …

Can I be ur disciple ? What do I need to do ? Am I fit for this role? Hope I don’t give up on my life … basics like spice in my life …ginger garlic🤯😂🤣🤣😂 

Fast forward to … 

My first meeting ….all doubts… Am full of anxiety ..so much heaviness within…

One look by Swamiji …🙏

IS… Love at first sight 💖….is He real? ..that aura ..that persona …am i on right connect.

Me : Need to meet few more times …

Few more meets, many more questions …

But …One look suffixes all …

Narration –

I remember, My first solo trip in month of chilling Dec. – 28th 2019.(As a journalist am used to all this adventures of traveling alone). Plus, I have a condensive atmosphere at home …as am allowed to take one solo trip every year for my soul searching. My mother & my husband take care of kids and home.

All arrangements done .. pre-booking s at ashram ..car booking done. Thanks to Sanjeevji 🙏who manages our car services to ashram. He suggested that instead of traveling alone. Can have another sadhak along to share my car n expenses too. I was a bit sceptical though initially. But later as the journey started from Chandigarh airport…all was well. ….Had an IITian as my co-companian (wow) …. so as usual my journalist monster got all active..taking the dig ..on how..when.. where..what ..why? Got few answers but best i got companionship, plus we shared our expenses😀 too and Yes got a good friend for life.

My first stay in Dormetary … spine chilling cold …with gaddis (mattresses) on floor … First night couldn’t sleep at all …

Next morning was so excited to meet my living Guru, that reached Sri Hari temple by 4:30 am. But no glimpse of GuruDev… The satsang was to start in evening …

In the afternoon… As I was strolling in sun, around the place …had two lovely dogs follow me everywhere ….as I was new to the place, a bit sceptical of the whole place and especially people …got in conversation with my two new friends … named them Bagira n Moughali …so my talk with them was “you are so lucky to stay in this heaven and that too with a Guru who has seen Gods and Goddess by self” 💜.

Evening …just before the aarti ..had this adrenaline rush… So here I am meeting my new Guru. Actually since my childhood me was ardent devotee of Sri GAJANAN Maharaj from Shegoan. Used to cry reading his pothi asking him where can I get a living Guru like him.

Jostling to catch the ayle seat …placed my shawl as a bench mark. Turned towards the door eagerly waiting with a frozen nose…just then my Bagira steps in at the door …all present in the hall stand up to receive GuruMahraj… Bagira in the doorway …as GuruMahraj arrive. Bagira eagerly snuggles at His Lotus feet..circumambulates GuruMahraj as an old soul sadhak …gets pampered by Gurudev..refusing to let go these pampering moments. It was as if my afternoon conversation has turned into reality. Bagira had to be literally lifted out of the alley …but he sat all through Q&A session and Aarti. It was an amazing sight.This actually threw me out of my mundane blocks that I was hesitantly carrying around… this sight i can never forget till my last breath. After the evening aarti, as GuruMahraj walked past us. i rushed out for one more glance …and for the first time, felt like a little girl ..a toddler holding His little finger asking ..what’s this ..what’s that  (even today I feel the same- a little child)

Scene cut to my first initiation day…

Don’t ask how many sleepless nights have i surpassed to even apply for initiation..  

Day of my first initiation …. All set …anxiety at level Mount Everest…My heart about to leap out …One touch …that voice penetrates deep within ❤️

With all doubts still in my head then …

But let me agree here …yes it’s His Grace only that am here writing this…with head high held …that today am HIS❤️❤️❤️.

Narration – During  my first initiation – I was shivering in my spine ….didn’t know what was awaited ahead.

All through the process, I cried like a child 😂 without even being aware of what the process was all about….weeping like no tomorrow. Little did I know this was to be my life changing event.

Meanwhile, made new friends at Black Lotus event….Shared a lots …walked down to river n number of times …had those butterflies in stomach all through  whether it was the right choice still.

(***Note ..pls don’t stop reading the Best is yet to come 🙏😀🤩)

Scene Cut to the Day of Second initiation ….

Ok need to mention here, i had my Dear friend Ruchika witness my first initiation and coincidentally be there for my second one too…Added a new friend too on this trip … Shushila..shush as we call her …

So we all geared up,as each one of us had the much awaited  initiation process after good two years of COVID lock down.

That evening was something different. Though had butterflies in my stomach,there was a stillness, stithpragnya … calmness deep within. But this time something had really CHANGED…no words to express this change.

We three musketeers had decided that after the initiation process we were going to celebrate … have a party at coffee shop …

That evening before the initiation…a swift calmness blanketed my inner self …. Though I was more talkative and bubbly on the outer surface …had this deep sense of responsibility within…gap of two years had got me more closer to my GuruDev 💓

As I entered the space of GuruMahraj …something had definitely CHANGED… I could witness each step …every process …presence of Ma was much stronger.. much there within that space..that aroma, fragrance…felt that all had synched in for the first time 💜💜💜 Silence was very profound …like never before.

When I came out ..Ruchika asked me “do u need some me-time to yourself”. Unlike my first initiation, when I had just ran down to the riverside immediately…had sat by the river for the  whole afternoon alone not talking to anyone.  

But this time ….Jyo Om wanted to celebrate 🥳…

Party time …Me ..Ruchika n shush …3 Ns (As I call myself to be the most Nalayak disciple ) …We ordered for some hot pipping maggi n some coffee to begin the party. But we didn’t stop here ..we said the party was On house 🎉on us …3 of us. Declaring that who ever walks in, party is ours. Totally  full on masti n fun  ….we were giggling ….enjoying that very moment ….

That’s my CHANGE 💖 ..that’s HIS GRACE only …🙏🙏🙏

Interestingly, we never paid our bills too that night ….. I thank 🙏🙏🙏Sri Narayan & Sri Ma who paid our bills ….while leaving these sadhak couple lovingly mentioned that it’s was a universal party.

What more can I ask ..when HE makes us the part of  Universal celebration …

In real words….He is in our every mood❤️ along with us on our every path❤️ ….  in every breath we take❤️

It’s Only HIM ….Sri Hari 🙏Sri Ma 🙏

Sri Guru Maharaj 🙏🙏🙏💜💜💜

Life is beautiful now🌹

Do we really need to mention it to others that we have changed 🤔🤔🤔 

At your Lotus feet always holding your little finger n toddling around ur feet 🙏🙏🙏Initiation kids समाधि my second birth आनंद love

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