Draupadi was really agitated. She was like this since the time she heard about the news of Rishi Durvasa and his disciple’s arival for bhojanam at her hut. Who doesn’t know about Rishi Durvasa’s anger? Pandavas were already suffering a lot. She didn’t want anything more to happen to them. She looked into the Akshya Patra and it was empty. 

       After the Pandavas started their Banavas, there was a high number of flow of visitors to their hut and it was rather difficult for them to feed these many number of visitors.  Worried by this, Yudhistir prayed to lord Surya and he had blessed him with Akshay patra, the inexhaustible vessel which ensures never depleting supply of food to Pandavas, till Draupadi finishes eating. 

         But today, she had finished eating and the Akshay patra won’t give any more food. She didn’t want to be the reason behind more suffering of the Pandavas. She was feeling helpless or rather agitated and anxious. Again and anad she was questioning her dear friend lord Krishna in her mind that they have to go through all this? What bad has she done to deserve this kind of situations? Was there any negligence in her prayer that God puts her in trouble again and again? She was feeling so hopeless and week.

    She was lost in her own thoughts when she heard a voice “sakhi!! Did you call me?” She looked towords the entrance of the door where she found a lean figgure, with flute in his hand and moar pankh in his crown. She ran towords him with teary eyes. She started telling” Sakha. Where were you all this time? You had promised me that everytime I’m in danger, I will find you beside me. But why did you leave me alone in this? Noe that you are here finally, please save me and my fily from this situation.”

      To this Krishna replied ” Sakhi, I had promised that I will always be there with you in every danger. But finally it’s you who has to fight the war. I will be there to support you, to be there for you. But you have to find a way out from this. You are not just helpless living being. You are capable of more than you think. Now look inside you and realise your potential. “

         A miserable Draupadi srarted crying even more. She said ” In this situation, I don’t know how to understand your Maya. I don’t know what I’m potential of. I just know I have faith in you and you will show me the correct path to get out of this problem.”

       To which Krishna replied “You have the Akshay patra. The vessel that supply never ending food to the Pandavas.”

      Yes Sakha but it gives food untill I finish eating. This cunning Duryodhan has sent Rishi Durvasa and his disciples in a time when I have finished eating. Now you are my only hope Krishna. Save me and My family from the wrath of Rishi Durvasa.

     Krishna said sakhi look into the Akshya Patra and see what is remaining at the bottom of the pot.

     Draupadi looked carefully and found some rice granules sticking to the bottom of the pot. She offered that food to Krishna whole heartedly with Bhakti. And we all know that Krishna cares about nothing but the Love and Devotion of his followers. That much granule of rice was enough to satisfy Krishna’s hunger. And satisfying Krishna’s hunger is like satisfying the hunger of every living being on earth.

      So Rishi Durvasa and his disciples hunger was also satisfied with this. So they left quietly after their bath without coming to pandava’s kutir for food because they didn’t want to humiliate pandavas by denying offering of food. And yet again Krishna had saved his bhakt from utmost danger.

    So when ever your faith is shaken and self doubt takes its place, always remember that faith is the strongest thing on earth that can move mountains.