Allelopathy is a phenomenon by which an organism produces one or more biochemical. Which influence germination, growth, survival and reproduction of many organisms. In simple words, nature as a whole helps one to grow. The surplus or the deficiency of one can be the strength of the other being. Mother nature considers this as her own weed killer. In nature, plants have their own allelopathy and they use it for their survival.

A lot of people out there might have not heard about this phenomenon. Although, we live it every day. Through the give and take process. Some day we let people share our pieces of sunshine, and someday we share their sunshine.  We can store this magic called ‘Allelopathy’ in our hearts, smile, actions, intentions, eyes, hands, bring home some food to eat, and so many ways to make someone a bit better to live.

Just, to make them grow and make them feel loved and cared for. For me, it’s a very intimate feeling when people bring in those small efforts. In the end the small things matter. Just like this article can bring some hope and make them feel wanted and needed, as we all are a part of the circle. If one is missing the whole chain gets broken.

 For the trees, they store their love and affection in their leaves and roots. Have you ever heard that when the leaves fall before the season, trees are not able to bear the fruit? And eventually, the fruit drops down. And the roots, if the roots are strong enough. No matter if the tree is releasing toxins for other plants and trees they can act like nutrients and help them grow,

Nature has everything in balance. One’s shortcoming or downfall can be the power and strength of others. Hence, nature knows its balance.