When I turned senior-most post-grad student, I shifted my dorm to my senior’s room. This was really an upgrade for me. More sunlight, better ventilation, bigger room and a KITCHEN! I am very grateful and happy about my room, I try to make it look minimal and tidy (um I try).
After a sound first night’s sleep in my new room, I woke up and got ready for college. Then I did my routine practice of lightening the lamp and offering something as bhog to Swamiji. That day (in July) I had offered fresh juicy aloo bukhara(plum) and mentally prayed Lord to accept the plum.
Then I went along with my routine in the college. I returned after my college hours and to my surprise, THE ALOO BUKHARA WAS GONE!!!!!! OHMYGOD. Bhagwan ate it. WOW. 

I could not contain my thrill, I called my family to share the news “Bhagwan ate my aloo bukhara!”. They were very happy for me. They also said jokingly “Make sure you didn’t eat it.” to which I replied ” I DID NOT!”. 

Filled with happiness and devotion I was singing one of my favorite bhajans, Achutam Keshavam— Kaun kehta hai Bhagwan khaate nahi, aloo bukhara krittika ke jaise khilaate nahi! (kidding ofcourse) 

That whole day I was so happy and smiling like a lunatic for God ate the aloo bukhaara. To be honest, it is an underrated fruit. I thought God would rather wanna eat a mango or something instead. 

Anyway, I was still organizing my room and I opened my cupboard and there  was a half eaten aloo bukhara! Oh.

That compressed my smile a little.

And then I found out there is a rat in my room (not mouse, yes, rat and mouse are different). 

Now I connected the dots. It was a funny incident for me.

I was happy that I could at least experience the joy of Bhagwan accepting Bhog, even if in ignorance.

Jai Sri Hari.

Thank you for reading.


(I am sorry if it hurt anyone’s sentiments, just an expression of my experience.)