Today my husband complained that behind each unfavorable incident or any person s not that befitting a behavior, I always have a story to tell or an apologetic or defensive explanation.  For example why his office clerk is absent minded and usually in sick mode,if he discusses with me, I explain that he must be stressed because he has been  trying for12 years for a baby and not getting any results or when he discusses why his dad is always is most of the time in an aggressive mood and I explain since childhood since his mother was sick and he dint get that care,it  has made him agitated towards the world or even when our kids never talked much to strangers and I explained since we are a nuclear family and have least socializing how can the kids be extrovert? Today when I served him Salad he appreciated its taste and freshness and said he never felt like eating it in winter to which I again explained since body needs warmth and fat in cold it prefers heavy foods! At this he said I m always defensive and full of illogical explanations and don’t accept matter of the fact! Either I become a non responding robot or an insensitive human then these problems can be avoided but my mind will still not keep mum and I ll still be compassionate! family is explaining the back ground of an incident being defensive?