Thank you for reading my previous post. A little bit about myself now; i was born in a very small village called Chiplata, Rajasthan (the village does not even exist on the map). I have two siblings, sisters, one older one younger to me; so i am the middle child; and only son. My mom was 11 when she got married and my dad was 13 at the time. My mom was from a rich and very well doing family, she has 4 sisters(including her) and 2 brothers. My dad’s side however was really poor and backwards, they lived in Chiplata; my dad has 2 sisters and 4 brothers(including himself). My dad rage quit school after 7th grade, after the teacher insulted him in front of everyone in school for unable to pay school fees for three months then. He started hustling by selling bidi-machis on bus stands and eventually he came to Mumbai, Maharashtra when he was 15 to work and make a fortune. Meanwhile my mom stayed at Chiplata with her in laws who were not very kind to her, and regardless of her state she was made to work all day everyday while her sister in laws found every little way to make her life more difficult. My mom, who was 12 at the time, coming from a rich background did not know how to chop trees for wood to cook or get water from the well or cook; but my grandma-d(-d denoting dad’s side) ensured in every way that she did. The house in Chiplata which has about 14 rooms, that still exists was hand built by my Grandfather and Great grandfather since they were masons (Kumawats translates to Masons) My dad, 55 now, in fact is still in the same line even now; back then Chiplata had no electricity, or water supply facilities or any modern facilities known to us now. Chiplata has faced severe earthquakes too and i was there & experienced it when took place, i was 9 months old maybe the time, but yeah those buildings are still immovable to the date even though they are built of rocks and limestone(instead of bricks and cement) and no hi-tech equipments(cranes, mixer,etc.) ; i dont know i think that was very impressive so i shared it, it does not contribute qualitatively to the story too much.

My mom had several miscarrages before she gave birth to my older sister when she was 20 years old, and then 4 years later Me, on 1st August 1995, and then a year after that my younger sister was born. It was really challenging for my mom to raise kids in Chiplata where the rest of my dad’s family lived with their families in the same house and Since my dad was working in mumbai, some dirty minded people made improper allegations on my mom regarding conceiving the kids. My mom who was young and innocent and alone the entire time was just trying her best to survive in that bewildered environment. My older sister, Poonam, lived and brought up in Chiplata till she was 5 years old and i lived there for almost a year until my dad was finally able to move his family in Bhayander, Thane, Maharashtra; which was no greater place than Chiplata but it was still okay as far as daily life needs went, like electricity, and okay just electricity; because my mom still had to fight and stand in lines to get water from, no offense intended, human shaped animals; completely inconsiderate uncooperative and needlessly irrational since we migrated from the North for a better life. It took them a while to settle down while my dad was working 12-16 hrs a day everyday, since he dropped out of school in grade 7, the only job he could find was a construction worker. He still never shared in detail about what hustles and hardships he did to get us out of Chiplata but i am dying to know and i hope he sees my worthy one day to share. Anyways, i would take a break at the moment let me know your views or if anything in this you want to be highlighted or explained more in depth i would be glad to do that or i can even answer that in the comments itself! Stay tuned for my next blog again depending on if people read it or are interested.