Hello readers, today I have brought such facts for you which will make you happy from inside.

1. There’s a floating post office in India :

Not only does India have the largest network of postal services in the world, but it also has some very unique post offices, including one that floats on the water.
Located in Dal Lake, Srinagar, the post office has begun to serve as a tourist destination for curious visitors who hope to photograph the unique site.

2. The steel wires in the Bandra Worli Sealink could stretch around the world:-

Completed in 2010, the incredible Bandra Worli Sealink bridge required 90,000 tons of cement to build. To hold that all up, enormous steel cables – each with the ability to hold up 900 tons of weight – were put in place along the bridge.
If they were laid out end to end, the cables could reach around the circumference of the globe.

3. India was the first country to refine and consume sugar :-

If you have a sweet tooth, you have India to thank for it. India was the first place were sugar was extracted, refined, and used in cooking – although once people got a taste of the delicious stuff, sugar production quickly spread around the world.

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