Hello Beautiful people! The sun is shining bright again today! Rare thing for us, haha. You might have heard that Mauritius is heaven on earth. Breathless horizons of greeneries, cleanliness, tropical climate and beautiful beaches. 

In this beautiful island, resides a beautiful angel. She was sent to us by God; open hearted, with a cheerful and commanding voice, tall stature, kind, affectionate, compassionate and a smile that will melt your heart. You will start believing in the grace of Swamiji by the mere glance of her countenance. Picture an angel like that and you have Chantal Om Espitalier-Noel Ji

It is very recent that I am following Swamiji and a guide was absolutely necessary to keep me grounded and focused. Chantal Ji is always here motivating me, sharing with me the wisdom of Swami Ji, introducing me to Sri Hari Aarti and so much more. 

One such amazing incident is when she so kindly gifted me two books; The Book of Faith and Om Swami- As we know Him. She meditates regularly and I believe that her intuition must have grown very strong. I was struggling to find physical copies of Swamiji’s books. How did she know about that? I told you above, she is an angel! Of course she will know. Just like that, she gifted me these two books, beautifully sent in a white bag with the logo of Om Swami Ji.

The Book of Faith was an amazing experience. Reading about the miracles of all these people, the changes that Swamiji brought into their lives and seeing Swamiji through their sentiments. What a beautiful book!

In the next post, I am sharing some key insights that had a profound impact on my faith from the book- Om Swami, As we know Him. 

📖Hari Om📖

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