“Your shoes are worn out and need to be replaced. They are old, damaged, faded and overused.” My mother commented while pointing at my strapped shoes that I was wearing before going to my workplace.

“hmm….” I said.

“Not only this, mixer grinder needs to be replaced as it is more than one and a half decade old. All the rooms need to be refurbished. New almirahs should be constructed to keep blankets and quilts gathering dust in the storeroom. Fan is not working in your prayer room and need to be repaired. The outmoded crockery and cutlery should be changed with the eco-friendly ones. Your cotton suits are faded, you must buy some new ones for wearing at your work place.”

“I will spend money on all these things after I achieve my target of sharing ‘x’ amount in Sadhana App.”

She said with a surprise in her voice, “This is the expenditure of only a few thousands and your target is of …..!”

“It is about fulfilling my target. I have decided that I will divert my funds for this noble cause. Until it is achieved, I will not spend money on myself. Just an atom of effort towards the mountainous goal!”

“In how much time you will be able to achieve it?”

“I am trying hard but right now, the market is too low. My funds are still blocked. Surprisingly, I have not been able to achieve even one fourth of the targeted amount. Therefore, to keep my spirits high I spin stories on osdotme.” I looked at her. “Moreover, discomfortable shoes are constant but friendly reminder to scale the hilltop.”

“You think about others before you think about yourself!”

“I think about Sanatana Dharma before I think about myself!”

Pic : My faded shoes (Abhi chalenge! Abhi aur chalenge!) 😉


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