A fool and his money  are soon parted, as I read somewhere. Believe me, it is not true. Charity never hurts any one as it keeps on giving more and more blessings to the giver. Dadi ma, my grandmother was a very generous lady. Every morning, she would step out of our house and put sugar on the pathway to our home in Lucknow, to feed the ants.


Foolishly, I once asked her why she did that. Generosity she said, begins with small steps and if you feed the ants outside they will not trouble you inside the house. Happiness, she said, is a result of good karma and feeding the ants brings great blessings to the entire household.


I am convinced that she was right, because her blessings work even today, even though we live in far off Canada, now. Just the other day, my son was nominated for an award by the hi-tech company where he works.


Karma doesn’t stop with one generation.


Lady luck  continues to smile on our family, perhaps because of the simple acts of generosity practiced by my grandmother more than five decades ago.


May her soul rest in peace.