The eastern sky is agog with excitement,
The clouds reclining somnolently on the horizon,
Stir with the wind to create a kaleidoscope on the glassy surface of the sky,
The birds herald the coming of the king of the sky,
Singing and hopping from tree to tree in joyful anticipation,
Some adventurous ones flying eastward in a formation to receive the king.

There it emerges resplendently dressed in scarlet robes,
To wake up the slumbering souls,
To energize the indolent, the half awake,
To carve a path on the pathless sky,
To complete the God ordained mission,
To persist and persevere to illumine ,
To light up the world and remove darkness prevailing,
To tell that each day is a NEW LIFE, a NEW CHALLENGE,
A gift of Nature to be gratefully accepted for being alive.
Tamso ma jyotir gamayah, as the Upanishad says,
( May we move away from the darkness of ignorance to light of wisdom ).

My salutations to you O Sun ! the Sustainer of life.