An ode to vinayaka 2

॥ श्री गणेशाय नमः ॥

An Ode to Vinayaka

Oh Thou, friend, I long To,

Thy times that passed.

To the wisdom, embodied Thee.

To Thy wit, my solution,

To Thy courage, my strength.

Thy work, my name,

Thy smile, my bliss.

Thy struggles, my patience,

Thy promise, my conduct.

Thy experience, my virtue,

Thy tears, my pain.

To all those and more,

I call upon Thee,

The Removal of Obstacles

And the Creator of Same.

Come and with, Thy body causal,

Sit in minds that tend to the Nation.

                                                       -Shubham’s calling out to Shubhta                                                                               -(First in auspiciousness calling out to the causal of auspiciousness)

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