O sweet Master
bright and beautiful
a rare flower
is who you are
an unearthly bloom
in the dense thicket
of samsara

An old lantern
in the weary dark
sparking hope in the heart
of a wasted traveller
such as I
and countless more
who shall pass
on this narrow path called life

Or maybe you are
a wise river
carrying the wisdom of the gods
a little tired maybe
from a journey lasting aeons
but never has that smile wavered
or lost its merriment
the one constant in this
ever changing bewildering world

Or you are perhaps
a lone mountain
still as the ground beneath
our feet
patiently listening to the
cries of your bhaktas
absorbing in your expanse
their mountainous grief

Or could it be
that you are the gentle
forgiving force of Mother Nature
its loving face
in flesh and blood
sent to awaken our souls
from a long night
of gloom
disillusionment and doom

What have you not conquered
death too a silent spectator
meek mute
by your door
Oh your greatness
dwarfs a million flaws
in your presence
O holy sage
as tadpoles in standing water
our sacred virtues grow

You must be
Nature’s resplendent face
the cool burning flame
its giant force
that defies its very laws
O divine master
we have at last
recognised You

– image credit, who else but Anand Om. 🙂

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