The incident took place in my mom’s village and she often narrated it to us and she does even to this day.

There lived a elderly Sufi saint in mom’s village who was similar to Shirdi Saibaba. It is said that he got all his work done through the devil itself!! Anybody who felt haunted would rush to his house(his house still exists) for a solution and he would chant mantras and offer them Udi and nail the evil spirit to the tree close to the Dargah(Place where prayers are offered), and this particularly would be done on Sundays and Thursdays(why so, I have no idea) not on any other days. 

It is said that he had an unusual looking human at his place who would do all the work for him at home and at his farmland. He alone would carry all the heavy bags and things which otherwise required 2-3 people to help it move. He had unusual height and personality and looked scary too. Nobody knew  where he came(except for Sufi Saint himself) from and since he also looked scary nobody dared to ask him and he himself never spoke. It is also that his voice was unusual too.. 

Once it so happened that the saint wasn’t home and this unusual human came home to unload the bags brought from the farmland. While he did so he was whining and having seen Saint’s wife close by he immediately approached her saying” Amma, I have excruciating pain on my head and it feels like something stuck on my head and it is piercing, can you please help me with it?”  No sooner he said this, the lady found a deep seated nail on his head and pulled it out!!

Lo! the unusual looking human became disfigured and he literally was all over the place!! Seems the disfigured entity then asked her,” Now where do I go?, Tell me soon where do I go?” ” Go to the person who put you together in the first place” She replied. Soon it flung to place where Sufi saint was working and the saint then knew what had taken place at home and the entity asked him the same question too. ” Go to that place(pointing at the direction) and never come here again.” He answered. The place that pointed was a barren land outside of village boundary where humans were hardly seen. 

The saint has passed away long back but his descendants still live in same home and the all the things that Sufi Saint used is still available at his home and open for public to take a look if they visit his house. The tomb of the Saint is built in the same dargah and it still is crowdy on Thursdays and Sundays and the place too appears creepy even on broad daylight when nobody is around.

Since it is also place of worship, both Hindus and Muslims still visit the Dargah to pay their respect even to this day and me and my family too visit the place when we visit the village.

My Great grandmother and Sufi saint’s wife(OR daughter in law, am not sure but one of their close family member) were friends and she narrated all such happenings to my great grand mother as she happened to witness them at her home.

However, for me as a matter of fact I kept wondering, does such a thing exist? Only Universe has an answer!

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