And then there were none is considered to be one of the best crime fiction ever written. And why it wouldn’t be? 

Afterall, it’s written by the queen of crimes- Agatha Christie.


Ten strangers get invited into an island cutoff from the mainland. Each of them gets an invite stating different reasons. Some are lured by finding work while the others are invited for a free vacation by this mysterious host who is unnamed.

The island though small is filled with mountains and rocks with only one bungalow in the middle where all of them are supposed to live for the next few days. The huge house has a dinning area where a beautiful decorative with ten tittle clay soilders sit on the dinning table.

On arrival, While All of them wait for their host to show up at dinner table, the power goes out and a tape recorder plays a recorded voice that gives out 10 dates. On each of these dates, one of the guest invited has committed a crime. A crime they thought they got away with.

Soon everyone goes back to the dinner table and finds one of them dead. And one of the soilders gone from the decorative at the dinner table. One by one every one starts dying according the poem “Ten little soilder”


This book is hardly 180 pages long and you will not be able to stop until you figure put who was behind it. This is probably the best of Agatha Christie and undoubtedly the best crime fiction plot I ever read. Also a brilliant mental excercise 😛


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