Anybody can become angry- that is easy, but to be angry with the right person and to the right degree and at the right time and for the right purpose and in the right way- that is not within everybody’s power and is not easy. Aristotle

What happens when people don’t listen to you when people accuse you or blame you for the activities you have not committed.

You get angry, outraged, and the Hulk in us is unleashed. The green monster in us makes a way out and reacts so that we don’t respond in the ordinary course of our life. Things cannot always go our way and the situations can go out of hand; and what can be the best way to react or respond.

Anger is an emotion, and it is said that we can work on our anger and make things work in the way we want to. It is like feeding the sentiment, and it all starts from a very young age. The kids see their parents fighting on petty things and learn the response mechanism( I have seen this in our own home and I take full responsibility). As it is said, practice what you preach but what parents do the shout at their kids, and this makes kids realize that this is a normal thing, and they also learn to respond in the same way.

The emotions in them are fed from the very beginning, and it becomes their second nature( Don’t trust me to go to a Punjabi house and see how abuse is a helping verb in the daily life, and it is prevailing throughout) It is the parents who need to understand that what they give to the kids is that the kids will take to the world and that is what will leave a mark in public. Remember the advertisement where Chintu imitates his father and starts cleaning the floor when asked what papa does at home).

This rests on the parents when they are upbringing the kids like how they react and that mechanism will be there throughout their lives.

It is not easy to get of this emotion as it is tough to make the right decision as every individual has a separate trigger point, and the panic button can go off in any situation. Sometimes we react to certain people in a certain way. You can fight with your sibling and spouse, but you will ignore the same thing in public, and sometimes it is just the opposite.

Reacting and responding is what is essential and feeding this emotion is much more critical. Thus we should be careful while we provide it. Love, care, and affection are a few things that can make this person’s reaction subside. Now the question to end the topic today is why does a person get angry,

·         Is he furious

·         What if he was expecting something

·         Or he is weak, very weak inside.

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