First of all I would like to thank my dog Sophie who is always by my side and my pet fish. They helped me learn so many things to get in touch with the broader side of life.

We bought a small aquarium last year..I got all the equipment, sand, stones, food, cleaner..Two gold fish, one algae eating fish..It was quite difficult and constant work to maintain ecosystem of the aquarium..We need to have a system to clean the water, we need to watch how much food we are putting in aquarium, not to over feed them, not to pollute the much light we maintain in aquarium etc etc.. Regardless of how much work we were doing, We were unable to give proper life to the fish and they all died within a month. You might say it happened because we don’t have experience but no matter how experienced one person is they can not give a life to fish that an ocean or lake offers. In the ocean there is a living being for each task to maintain the ecosystem, it’s effortless..its beautiful..its perfect..

It is the same case for living beings on land. God created one animal to trim trees, one animal to fertilize land, predators to control the population of grass eating animals..Like this all animals have their own individual purpose for their life..We took over all of their work, replaced them with humans and machines..We are maintaining the ecosystem just the way I tried to maintain ecosystem of the aquarium and living a very less quality life just like the life of fish in aquarium..

I want to share a small incident that happened a few years back..I work in Newyork city, I commute to work by train. One day the train compartment had very few people..I entered the train, there was a guy, I think I gave him a mean look or I don’t know what happened. He started just looking at me very seriously..I was too scared to even turn my head that he might take out a gun (NYC is safe place..I think there was shooting incident in news that it just triggered me fear about gun)..I didn’t have phone signal as well to call for help..After some time he came and sat very close to me..My heart started beating so fast..Meanwhile my stop came, I forced to stand up and start walking towards door..he followed me, I thought my life was over that day..He came till the door hit me just before I got down the train..gave me very mean look but he didn’t get off from the train..I was not angry that he hit me but was very thankful that he didn’t get off the train and followed me. Those 15mins were very tough to pass..I was holding my breath each second and praying god. That’s how we feel in a dangerous situation.

We are creating this situation to countless animals throughout their life which is very legal and not even with small guilt..I see so many meat places..They put hens in closed cages..the slaughterer picks each bird, kills it, and cuts it..all this happens in front of them..God gave intelligence to animals to sense danger as much as he gave us, may be more than us..All other birds can sense everything on what is happening to their friend just picked up by the slaughterer, live in fear each and every second and die when their turn comes..We get that meat, party and enjoy with family..go to the temple next day ( I used to do same thing btw)..What kind of life are we living? When it is a known fact that meat is not our main source of nutrition why can’t we control..It is just a small example but there are so many places where animals are being abused for clothes, shoes, handbags, breeding pets, zoos, hunting..what not?

We are controlling animals too much for our comfort and safety. What is the difference between Hitler and us?

Eventually what are we achieving by all this? Are we really living quality life by separating ourselves from natural ways of living or we are locking ourselves inside man made aquariums which we call as cities with tremendous stress. We are trying to control forests as well. Besides controlling, natural tendency of the human being is emotions, consciousness, compassion..How do we get peace of mind if we are conducting this cruelty directly or indirectly?

Many times I feel..When all human sees animals with respect, compassion and love. When all of us acknowledge them that they have their own right as we do and leave them alone. I know it could be life threatening to live where animals roam freely..but still figuring out how to live in coordination with them, giving them their own space, letting forests grow their own way seems to be a far far dream..

On a positive side, everything happens for a reason, there are also so many people who supports animals..I am heart-fully thankful for all animals. I am very thankful for our humans for constant effort for making our lives better and better, also who contribute services to animals and overall nature’s wellness.

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