Yesterday while me and my friends were chatting about dating apps and various kinds of creepy people one can find in there, one of my friends said something curious. She said that there are several websites and apps where one can chat anonymously and she usually installs an app like that, chats with a stranger for a few days and then ghosts them. We all laughed at that and teased her a bit, but it left me thinking. It’s not like she doesn’t have any friends or people she could talk to. In fact she talks to us about loads of stuff and yet there must be something she isn’t able to express to the people who know her so she turns to a stranger to fill that void. And then I realised, it’s not just her. I do that too! Whenever I want to express certain emotions or need to get anything out of my system, I write about it on . This website is sort of like my personal diary. In movies, how many times have we seen a drunk person speaking their heart out to a barkeep! 

By why do we feel more comfortable in dumping our emotional drama on a complete stranger than to talk it out with our nearest and dearest people? I don’t know about others and I can only speak for myself. So, after observing myself I came to the conclusion that I am truly a character in this worldly drama. I am never completely transparent or without any reservations in front of anybody. I subconsciously know how the people around me perceive me to be and I like to keep up with that act. If I do anything outside of their perception of what kind of a person I am, that’s when all the ‘judging’ starts. It’s easy to say I couldn’t care less about what people think of me but it’s much more difficult to walk the talk. But, when we talk to a stranger we get to be a whole new character. We get to show a side of us that we usually don’t. Hence, it is easier to open up to a stranger who doesn’t have any preconceived notion about us and will only see what we show them.

So does that mean I live a life of falsehood and am wearing a mask at all times? I don’t think so! I believe every character I portray is a different shade of ‘Me.’ More often than not we never show the full spectrum of who we are to one person. And that’s quite okay. Not everyone has the eyes or the heart to see the full spectrum of a person. Even we, ourselves don’t know who we are completely. We know about a few pieces here and there but not the whole picture. Maybe in seeking ourselves out, lies our liberation. 

I would like to end this blog here. Thank you soo much for reading this post and giving me your precious time. See you soon 😊.