Usually our dog(Nimki) goes on walks with a walker. But the walker happens to be on a holiday now. So, yesterday me and my brother took Nimki out for a walk. It was a very stressful walk. While some street dogs were friendly and walked up to us to make friends with Nimki, some wanted to chase us out of their territory. We carried a bamboo stick (lathi) with us, to shoo away the aggressive ones. Dealing with street dogs is a part and parcel of walking Nimki and we have no qualms about it. But yesterday, when we were barely 2 blocks away from our house, an old dog, bared its teeth and charged at us. (He was probably not in a good mood at that time, for some reason and the sight of Nimki, set him off. Usually, the dogs bark and follow us for a few seconds before going away but none of them charged at us.) I handed my brother the leash, and told him to take Nimki and walk ahead while I dealt with the other dog. But Nimki being the protective doberman he is, refused to walk ahead without me and the street dog wasn’t much scared of the lathi either(something in my body language had probably revealed that I wasn’t truly gonna hit it with the lathi). At this point I started panicking, I was yelling at the streetie and waving the lathi, some passers-by also stopped and tried to shoo him away. Finally we managed to escape and get home safely. After yesterday’s incident, today, I wasn’t willing to take Nimki out for a walk and decided that I would play with him on the terrace(one of his favorite things to do). But Nimki wanted to have his walkies, so, after much persuasion by father, I took Nimki out on a walk with my brother. But to my amazement, today none of the street dogs came up to us, chased us or barked at us.(anyone who’s walked a dog in Indian lanes would know how unusual this is, especially when there’s a pack of dog living at every turn and corner).Today, all of them were sound asleep when we walked past them. Usually, they wake up from their sleep and start barking but today they slept as if they were on sleeping pills. I could only smile and thank God for today’s pleasant walk. It’s not something life altering but it was a blessing nonetheless and as they say, we must always count our blessings!

Thank you for reading this and giving me your precious time. The fam is so nice and heartwarming that I feel like sharing all the tiny , happy incidents of my life with y’all. Hope you like reading them as well!

P.S: The shiny boi on the cover of this article is our Nimki!