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May 7, 2036

Captain Gibson got out of bed and stretched out his limbs. He got into his uniform and walked into the mess room. After downing some glop, he used the bathroom and then decided to go right back into his own room. Or perhaps he would simply go to the officers’ club.

He had no missions scheduled for the day. Gibson planned to just watch some TV for now. He turned the television on and watched a soap opera.

After five minutes, he started getting extremely involved with the characters. He was in a scene where a character was in a video game competition. The character’s screen was lagging terribly, and he was losing.

“Turn left, you idiot! No, left! Cut him off!” Gibson yelled at the character. The character didn’t obey, instead playing passively and falling behind farther. 

“No! You’re done if you go toward the finish line now! He’ll get there first! Yes, get into the other lane! Boost! Smash him!” The character’s car was set on fire, and Gibson was horrified. His screen went black.

“Nooo!” Gibson yelled, and then he realized it was the TV screen that had gone black, not the character’s screen. He looked up to see another officer holding the plug of the TV. 

“There’s an urgent briefing,” the officer explained. Gibson looked at him angrily. “My schedule is clear for today!”

The officer rolled his eyes. “This is the army, not the corporate. Oh wait, a clear schedule is never really clear in either one of them.”

Gibson glared daggers at the officer, and then TV, and then the plug. Then he went to the briefing.

He came out very upset. Gibson had been assigned another mission. The Visionaries had rebranded as the Cipher, and they were planning to attack Eurasia and start another war. And who was better than the experienced Gibson to scout out the area?

Gibson took off and flew to the place he was supposed to scout. He looked around without seeing another plane. Gibson was just about to go back before his radar detected something directly above him. Almost intuitively, he swerved his plane to the left. A moment later, a stream of bullets filled the place where he had.

He recognized the bullets instantly. Gibson had been lucky to catch the plane on his radar. This was an X2 stealth plane, and his radar had a 1 in 160,000 chance of detecting it. Yes, he had been very lucky.

Gibson went upwards, above the cloud cover, and sure enough, there they were, six X2s. One was bad enough. Six was practically impossible. 

Captain Gibson had never encountered this in his whole career. But he knew what to do next. He started his guns. His plane, an F19, was known for its guns. The X2’s only weakness was the speed and accuracy of its shots, though it was known to be a two-hit killer.

He shot out toward the X2s, not taking down any. Not a single X2 had ever been taken down in history. Six was a mere dream. 

Finally, one of their shots hit him. Gibson knew he was done for. His plane was on the verge of exploding. So he did the riskiest thing he could do. He flew upwards and dropped all of his bombs. 

Only one of them actually hit the planes, and that X2 blew up. This explosion took down two of the others. Only three left. These three were flying in close formation. Suddenly, one of them shot a bullet at Gibson, hitting him. He knew there were just seconds until his death. Gibson lowered himself into the cluster and let the plane blow up, smashing the three X2s to bits.

A news report played on the TV internationally. An anchor said: “Fighter ace Captain Gibson, of the 298th Squadron of the Air Force, was just killed in combat. This captain had twelve kills and had been the leader of the bombings that led to the Warriors winning Eurasia. This is a huge loss for our nation. Captain Gibson took down six X2 stealth bombers with him, a feat that has never been accomplished before. Let us all have a moment of silence for Captain Gibson, who died bravely saving his country.”

And for a moment, the whole nation united in silence, a moment of silence for the brave Captain Gibson. Not even the dogs made a sound, as everyone thanked and prayed for the brave soldier.

* * * * *

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